How to Maximize the Impact of Your Facebook Ads

Something’s broken in the world of digital marketing.

If you’re a harried social media professional, you may have missed the most important revelation in digital marketing this year. It may change your Facebook Ads strategy in a big way.

Blockbuster Admission

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Facebook admitted that the “metric it reported for two years for the average time users spent watching videos was artificially inflated, because it only factored in video views of more than three seconds.” As result, Facebook overestimated the “average time spent viewing videos by 60 – 80 percent.”

These figures have clear implications for the reach, engagement, and ROI of video content. Wasting money on digital marketing is a nagging fear of many marketers — and the fear may be grounded in reality.

So how can digital marketers reach consumers and know their money is well spent? Now, that’s the kind of question we love to tackle at

Here are four ideas for investing marketing dollars on Facebook with confidence.

1. Monitor Customer Sentiment

An Online Reputation Management platform quickly and easily consolidates online reviews from Google, Facebook, and other major review sites. Through the dashboard, you can listen deeply to social conversations on your Facebook page. You can also monitor customer sentiment, which helps you quickly spot and share positive customer reviews with your fans.

2. Publish Instantly on Facebook

Sift through aggregated content like a treasure trove. Instantly publish all the great things people say about your brand, services, and locations on Facebook. Schedule the volume and cadence of posts for maximum impact in different geographies and time zones.

3. Gain Insights

Carefully track reach, click-through rates, shares, and comments. Discover what messages are resonating with your audiences. Hone in on that piece of content that’s performing well.

4. Boost Posts on Facebook

Double down on content that’s beating expectations. Boost new or previously published posts to extend reach and amplify awareness. And stream survey results and reviews to your Facebook page.

Online Reputation Management

Although video has an exalted reputation in marketing, it may not be the most effective means of connecting with audiences on Facebook.

There’s a better way to build your brand and online reputation on social media.

By using an Online Reputation Management platform, you can aggregate customer feedback and reviews, instantly publish them on Facebook, and boost posts that perform well. This tactic will help you amplify reach and engagement while maximizing ROI, all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Best of all, you don’t have to create costly videos that are seldom viewed in their entirety.

What’s not to like about that?

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