2024 Reputation Healthcare Rankings Report

From Brand Promise to Consumer Voices: The Power of Feedback in Modern Healthcare Marketing

Delve into the rankings of top Acute Care Hospitals, spotlighting their reputation performance. Read our report to understand how these hospitals maintain their brand commitments amidst a consumer-driven era through a deep analysis of diverse reputation performance data sources download the report to learn:

  • Who are the industry leaders in healthcare reputation performance?
  • What impact can actively managing your online reputation have on conversion metrics?
  • Does system size matter when it comes to patient sentiment?
  • What are patients talking about most in online reviews?
  • What U.S. regions are performing best when it comes to reputation?
  • What can you do to build and execute an effective reputation performance program?

2024 Reputation Healthcare Trends Guide

Navigating the Tipping Point: Strategies for Reputation Management in a Volatile Healthcare Environment

As healthcare marketers navigate changes in a volatile industry, they can know one thing is certain: we’ve reached a tipping point where patients increasingly rely on crowdsourced consumer feedback rather than brand promises or provider referrals when seeking care.

The 2024 Healthcare Trends Guide explores four pivotal trends shaping the healthcare industry, namely strategic imperatives in healthcare: the consumerization of healthcare, the impacts of the healthcare talent crisis, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity and the adaptation to AI-enhanced healthcare discovery.

The 2024 Healthcare Trends

The 2024 Healthcare Trends Guide delves into four key trends molding the industry: consumer-driven healthcare, the healthcare talent shortage, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) surge, and the integration of AI in healthcare discovery.

  1. The Amazon Effect:
    • How the Consumerization of Healthcare is Changing Healthcare Access
  2. Talent Crisis:
    • Impacts to Business Operations, Patient Care, and Reputation Performance
  3. M&A:
    • Strategic Imperatives in Healthcare M&A Amidst Rising Consumer Expectations
  4. How to Adapt:
    • Adapt to AI-Enhanced Healthcare Discovery

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