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Powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing), our platform breaks down customer sentiment and analyzes feedback to highlight trends and topics in real time.

Graphics of Insights into Reputation Score

View All Feedback in One Place

See Everything From Reviews to Survey Data in One Place

Understand What Customers are Saying by Topic or Theme

Analyze the Trends

Uncover Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Learn How to Improve by Understanding Customer Sentiment

Prioritize Key Actions

Resolve Issues to Mitigate Risks and Improve Customer Experience

Prioritize Business-Critical Issues to Protect Your Brand

Features of Insights Tools

Competitive Reporting

Know Your Industry and Improve Where It Counts

Our Competitive Reporting features allow you to easily collect and analyze all of your competitors’ online customer feedback in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Peek under the hood of performance ratings and deep dive into Reputation Scores, star ratings, reviews and customer comments, at the brand and location level.

Finally, gain insights into your brand’s strengths and weaknesses by seeing how you outperform or fall short against your competitors in specific areas.

Graphic of competitive reporting data

Experience Insights

Aggregate all direct and indirect feedback from customers and digital engagements.

Understand brand perception and why that perception is positive or negative.

Graphic of Experience Insights summary charts

Reputation Score X

Think of it as the credit score for your brand’s reputation.

Reputation Score X helps you understand your entire reputation in a single metric.

Get prescriptive recommendations tailored to your business so you know exactly what to address and how.

Graphic of Reputation Score chart

Understand the Details at Scale

Advanced text analytics determine what people are commenting on and whether the comments are positive or negative.

Surface customer pain points across multiple digital channels or locations.

Graphic of Sentiment by Category graph

Create Rich Sentiment Maps™

Use the visual representation to see the volume and sentiment of your top-mentioned topics.

Graphic of Sentiment Map

Automatically Categorize Feedback

Customer comments are instantly grouped into meaningful categories unique to your industry.

Custom categories are also supported.

Graphic of Feedback Summary graph

“Reputation easily integrates with our CRM and allows us to set rules on sending out review requests. The insights you receive from Reputation are valuable and help us find areas we need to focus on. The competitive reports we are able to pull are great as well.”

Alona U.


“Reputation is fast at communicating and responding to reviews. They provide great insights and ideas on review responses and get them out quickly. They are the best solution I have personally used.”

Sara S.

Gill Automotive Group

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