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You have options when it comes to platform training! Learn at your own pace through on-demand courses, join live training webinars and get your questions answered on the spot, or self-serve using a plethora of resources like user guides and data dictionaries. The choice is yours!

On-Demand Courses

Join Reputation Academy and take as many training courses as you’d like! From detailed how-to courses for each solution, to train the trainer, to hands-on practice with the latest features, we’ve got something for everybody!

Custom Training Solutions

Manage change with ease by leveraging our training experts to engage your team, drive policy adoption, and facilitate roll-out. Reach out to your CSM or Account Executive to discuss custom training options.

Live Training Webinar

Reputation hosts monthly live training webinars, available to all customers. This is a hands-on series focused on one topic per month with interactive video walkthrough exercises, active polling throughout, a giveaway at the end of each session, and expert Q&A with the Reputation team.

Platform Support

Browse platform FAQs and access your support cases. This is a great place to start when troubleshooting questions about the platform!

Reputation Academy Day (RAD)

Join us in-person at our annual user conference, Transform! We’ll host a half-day training session where everyone gets into the platform and practices in a sandbox environment. We’ll see you there; it’s going to be RAD 😎

Guides & More

Getting started with a new solution? Check out our quick start user guides to learn about platform functionality and best practices. Other helpful resources include a data dictionary, manager checklist, and fast stats downloads.

Learn How to Become a Reputation Rockstar

This community of prestigious executives and like-minded business professionals allows you to beta our newest releases, discuss industry opportunities and learn about marketing opportunities. As a token of our gratitude, we’ll send swag, perks, and more!

Reputation News

Check out the latest and greatest Reputation platform updates, upcoming events, recent articles, press releases and other Reputation announcements.

Guides & More

New to Reputation? Join Reputation Academy and start learning today.

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Actions Starter Guide
Centralize ticket management and automate workflows with role-based dashboards to ensure consistent resolution for every issue, regardless of which channel it was received. Get started by reading this guide.
Reports Starter Guide
Create custom reports to track the metrics that matter most to you and your business! Learn how to create, schedule, and share reports across your organization by reading this guide.
Surveys Starter Guide
Build and send custom surveys on the sites you care about. In this user guide, you'll learn how to track, analyze, and operationalize survey responses—all from one platform.
Experience Starter Guide
The Experience tab provides insightful Sentiment Analysis tools offering a visual snapshot of common words, categories, and themes that appear in customer feedback across the web and gathered from first-party surveys. Learn more to instantly identify strengths or weaknesses at a corporate level or by location and know where to focus your efforts.
Inbox Starter Guide
Maintain seamless customer engagement across public and private communication channels through Inbox by exchanging messages and interacting with customer comments on your social media posts. Read this guide to learn more!
Manager's Training Checklist
This training checklist helps orient you to the platform for the first time. Use this to define responsibilities and expectations for your team.
Reputation Starter Kit
Learn about best practices educational tools to help you meet your online reputation goals with Reputation.
Business Listings Starter Guide
The Listings tab allows you to monitor and maintain the online presence for all your locations across the web to match your source of truth. Read this guide to understand the functionality available within the Listings tab!
Reputation User Training Rollout Guide
Launching new software and getting your users trained can be daunting! We understand that challenge and have prepared this foundational training rollout plan, including resources to share with your team. Explore what your users should do on their first day, and within their first week, quarter, and year using the Reputation platform.
Term Dictionary
This dictionary was created with newbies in mind to help navigate the world of online reputation management, from acronyms to key terms that are helpful to know.
Rep Academy FAQs
Join Rep Academy for an interactive learning experience to help set yourself up for success within the Reputation platform! Read frequently asked questions here, and reach out to for additional help.
Reviews Starter Guide
Attract customers, win more business, and improve your customer experience by easily tracking, managing, and responding to customer reviews across the entire web. Read this guide to understand the functionality available within the Reviews tab!

Hear what other Reputation customers think about platform training

“This was my favorite part of the conference! …The team did a great job designing the day, I loved the interaction on Slack coupled with the in-person aspect and workbook.”

Reputation Academy Day, In-Person

“I found the webinar training to be very positive, thorough and educational. I thought both webinar leaders were very nice and did a great job of explaining everything.”

Custom Live Training Webinar

“I liked how interactive the polls and Q & A options were too. It felt like a lot of thought went into the presentation and I really liked that. I definitely learned some good nuggets of information.”

Custom Live Training Webinar

“I did not know some details of my account configuration and after this training course, I have a clearer vision of the platform at the admin level.”

On-Demand Courses

“Well organized, even for a techno phobia like me! Excellent content, even though using the platform daily it has given me insight into areas we can look to report and improve communication on, and to review where we are with the customer journey”

Reputation Academy Day, Virtual

“I absolutely loved the style of the webinar – first getting us engaged with polls live (and viewing the results), but also allowing us to do a demo of “what we learned” right after you taught it. It was helpful, especially since I’m newer in these systems, to get a walkthrough video experience like that.”

Live Training Webinar Series

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