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$900K in annual incremental sales per enrolled dealership vs. non-enrolled dealership.
Ranked nation’s #1 Property Management Company for online Reputation by Multifamily Executive Magazine and J Turner Research for 7 years.
Increased GMB listing views results in $4.5 million in incremental revenue per year.
Within five hours of open scheduling pages going live over 400 vaccination appointments were generated.

Improving your business is our business

Our customers continue to inspire us with their tireless commitment to improving their online reputation and building a better customer experience every single day. Check out the stories behind the sentiment.

Sutter Health Sees 76% Increase in Doctor Profile Page Visits with Reputation

Sutter Health is a non-profit healthcare organization based in California, and the eighth largest in America. Stretching across 22 counties, Sutter Health

“We make sure that customer feedback isn’t just seen, but it’s acted on through the Reputation dashboard. We want our reviews to be an accurate representation of the experiences we provide.”
– Amanda Henson, Director

Orangetheory Fitness/ Tombras

Challenge In 2018, Orangetheory hired Tombras to lead its SEO strategy, beginning with creating a single source of truth for all of its studios using

I like that Reputation is set up to give me real-time sentiment. The platform provides a suite of options, giving us genuine integrity in the feedback as to whether what we’re doing is working or not. One advantage comes from seeing everything within a single dashboard.”
– Myles Doran, Managing Director

European Wax Center More than Doubles Positive Reviews Per Month

Online reviews provide a wealth of customer experience data and can help uncover issues that may have a negative impact on your business.

The Reputation platform provides the essential tools needed to easily monitor our performance, take action on opportunities for improvement, and report and measure our success.
– Greg Benson, Managing Director

Learn how some of the top global brands use Reputation to manage, learn, and win

In my opinion, the platform offers the best solution out there. The platform is great, easy to use, and I really like the modular approach. Kia Motors and our dealer network can now see and fully understand what customers are saying about dealers and our brand. More importantly, our dealers have the power to respond and influence customers’ opinions in real-time, from within the Reputation platform.”

David Hart- Developer

Reputation has held us to a higher standard. We use Reputation for operations management because it helps us uncover areas in which we need to make improvements."

Alex Morehouse- Developer

Banner Health logo

Reputation doesn’t so much enhance our customer listening, it IS our solution to customer listening. It is our comprehensive method of listening to, replying, and monitoring customer reviews. We really needed to understand our customers better, so we sought a solution whereby we could listen and respond to all customers to generate insights to inform our decision making.”

Michael Scarfe- Developer

Reputation enables you to manage and optimize the most critical marketing tool in your toolbox - word-of-mouth  - and provides insight into your fleet’s performance and how well your frontline associates are optimizing your brand experience.”

Doug Zarkin- Developer

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Orangetheory Fitness/ Tombras

Challenge In 2018, Orangetheory hired Tombras to lead its SEO strategy, beginning with creating a single source of truth for all of its studios using the Reputation platform.

Cortland: Process, Growth, and Expansion

Cortland Management, national property management titan and owner/manager, has been a valued Reputation.com partner since 2018. Cortland began using Actions, Reputation.com’s ticket management solution, in

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