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72 %

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93 %

Review response rate rate


Reputation Score, 79 points above the industry average


Trees planted since the “One Review, One Tree” campaign launched in February 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of property management, distinguishing your brand amidst a sea of competitors requires audacity, innovation, and a keen understanding of resident sentiment. This is precisely what Thrive Communities, the second-largest property management company in the Seattle area managing around 23,000 homes (~143 communities), achieved through its successful collaboration with Reputation.

A Partnership Rooted in Innovation

Choosing Reputation was no leap of faith for Thrive Communities; it was a meticulously calculated decision. 

Paul Edgeman, SVP of Marketing shared, “when I joined Thrive nearly seven years ago, one of the first things I noticed was our need for a comprehensive solution to manage business listings, reputation, and review requests. Everything we were doing was manual, with no syndication, and we had minimal reporting capabilities. It was a significant pain point. Property Management is a high-touch industry, and it can be challenging to show residents that we’re genuinely here to help them.”

Reputation’s suite of modules addressing Thrive’s pain points – from business listings management to analytics – stood unmatched. 

North Star KPIs

Thrive Communities focuses on metrics that truly reflect its commitment to excellence – Rep Score and Review Response Rate. These metrics serve as the North Star, guiding daily operations and strategic decision-making. 

Paul shares, “In the intricate ecosystem of our business, Rep Score shines as a beacon, encapsulating all of our digital efforts in one holistic metric. We have integrated it into our business intelligence tool, making it a prominent feature on our daily dashboards, alongside key figures like net operating income, occupancy, and exposure. It’s not just a number; it’s a crucial part of our daily operations at Thrive, influencing decisions from the ground up.”

Embarking on a Green Journey (Literally & Figuratively)

Thrive Communities operates with the following company values: do the right thing, do work to be proud of, and be a great place to work. From their perspective, giving back to the environment checks ALL of these boxes, so they designed a program to encourage their residents to feel like they are involved & make an impact. Enter the “One Review, One Tree” campaign. 

The campaign had two major objectives; grow Thrive’s review volume while simultaneously breathing life into community forests. The “One Review, One Tree” campaign was not only a call to residents to voice their experiences, but also a pledge to contribute positively to the earth. Thrive committed to plant a tree or native plant for every Google review left for their communities!

The Power of Positive Change

Since the inception of this campaign, Thrive Communities has witnessed a remarkable 65% increase in review volume, with a commendable 72% of review sentiment being positive, and an impressive 93% review response rate. And those are just the Reputation insights! Since February 2023, their Strive to Thrive volunteer program has led Thrive teams to plant 2,357 trees and native species plants in the Pacific Northwest. This campaign, now synonymous with an unbiased feedback loop and philanthropic incentive, underscores Thrive’s commitment to sustainability and exceptional resident experience. These pillars, coupled with Reputation’s scalable solutions and integrations have propelled Thrive to new heights of operational efficiency.

What’s Next?

The future presents a landscape rife with opportunities and challenges, with retaining top talent and enhancing resident experiences at the forefront. 

Thrive is working to ensure their teams have less busywork so they can focus on high-value resident interactions that truly make a difference in the experience of living at a Thrive community. Their ultimate goal is to focus on what matters most – exceptional resident and staff experiences. 

The impact of having the right individual in the right role is significant, especially when you consider how directly it affects a property’s online reputation.”

Paul Edgeman, SVP of Marketing, Thrive

Are You Ready to Thrive?

This partnership between Thrive Communities and Reputation not only epitomizes the synergy of customer-centricity and environmental stewardship, but acts as a call to action to all businesses looking to scale their impact.

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