Effortlessly Manage Your Property’s Online Reputation

Achieve “no vacancy,” increase resident satisfaction, and leverage insights to understand how you rank against your competitors (and where you can improve).

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Property Management firms trust Reputation to grow their business

How well is your online reputation perceiving your business, renters care:

60 %+

of residents don’t stay at an apartment for more than one year.

84 %

of renters read reviews before touring an apartment.

32 %

of properties received zero reviews on Google last year.

70 %

increase in average Google rating after leveraging Reputation.

Solutions for the Property Management Industry

Gain Visibility to Reach No Vacancy

Outrank your competition in local search and win customers with accurate property listings, great reviews, and high star ratings.

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Become the Top Property With Competitive Insights

Leverage RepScore (our Reputation metric that is like a credit score for your brand) to understand where your property management business shines and where you need to improve (and compare against the competition).

The ease of using the platform, seeing all reviews in one area, and reading the Rep Score reports are essential tools to show us how to activate new strategies and increase our scores.”

Jaemi Carkin
Director of U.S. Strategic Property Marketing, Programs & Performance,
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Collect Resident Feedback to Improve Quality of Life

Send automated surveys to understand resident feedback and boost your review volume and ratings.

Reputation has been a focus area for us for several years. We created measurable goals for each community which team members are held accountable for delivering…. there is support and focus at the executive levels of the organization, and our progress and wins are recognized and celebrated.”

Kelley Shannon
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Customer Engagement,
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Social Listening to Understand Where Residents are Looking

Monitor and respond to your residents on social channels to build loyalty with your local communities.

At Bozzuto, we believe that if a customer is going to take the time to write us a review, we are going to take the time to respond. We recognize that sometimes our brand response is as important as the review itself. We are very pleased to see that our efforts are reflected in Reputation’s annual Property Management report.”

Kelley N. Shannon
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Customer Engagement,
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Better Communicate With Residents Via a Unified Inbox

Chat with residents and speed up response time via text message, Facebook Messager, and Google Business Messages all in one central inbox.

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2023 Property Management Industry Report cover

2023 Property Management Report

The results are in! Reputation’s annual Property Management Report ranks the Top 25 residential property management locations using our proprietary, AI-powered Reputation Score. Download our report to learn how these elite brands leverage customer feedback to boost star ratings, increase leads and drive success.

A Centralized Platform to Manage and Grow Your Business

Effortlessly manage your online reputation and customer communication from one location.

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