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How Google is Fighting TikTok
The rise of TikTok has exposed some weaknesses for Google in terms of how people search and engage with content. Learn how Google is responding to accommodate this burgeoning video arena.
Three Big Customer Benefits of Reputation’s Integration with Apple Business Connect
Reputation customers will now be able to make updates to their business information in the Apple Maps place card at scale and connect more directly with more than a billion Apple users.
Seven Benefits of Integrations & RepConnect
Check out some of the advantages and benefits integrations can provide to businesses wanting to become more efficient and agile in their daily operations.
Six Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2023
Looking to stay ahead of the curve with your team's digital marketing strategy? Take a look at our top curated social media trends for 2023.
The Missing Link in Your Customer Data Management Strategy
Learn more about why sentiment data is important and how it can augment customer data.
How Hospitality Leaders Can Overcome A Crisis Of Confidence In Their Industry
Reputation breaks down CGA's Business Confidence report and offers actionable tips to overcome the industry's challenges.
Why CRM Software Needs Sentiment Data
Learn how Reputation’s integration provides HubSpot users easy access to business location sentiment data to improve customer retention, drive new revenue and improve operations efficiency.
Mobile Customer Experience
How to Manage the Customer Experience with Mobile
Approximately 60% of all online searches are mobile. Learn more about the key elements of a successful mobile customer experience and how Reputation can help.
To Improve Patient Experience, Pay Attention to “Feedback Anywhere”
Patient feedback is key to understanding every friction point to be improved across the patient experience. Learn how the best way to understand the entire journey is to bring all feedback into a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform.
The Feedback Economy and What it Means for Healthcare
Learn how healthcare providers are leveraging online feedback as real-time signals to improve every aspect of the patient experience.