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How to Manage the Mobile Customer Experience
Approximately 60% of all online searches are mobile. Learn more about the key elements of a successful mobile customer experience and how Reputation can help.
To Improve Patient Experience, Pay Attention to “Feedback Anywhere”
Patient feedback is key to understanding every friction point to be improved across the patient experience. Learn how the best way to understand the entire journey is to bring all feedback into a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform.
The Feedback Economy and What it Means for Healthcare
Learn how healthcare providers are leveraging online feedback as real-time signals to improve every aspect of the patient experience.
5 Keys to Using Customer Sentiment Data to Improve CX
Check out these 5 tips to learn how financial services institutions can leverage customer sentiment data to improve CX.
CDP Gaps
How to Enrich Your CDP with Sentiment Data
For a true 360-degree view of the customer, customer data platforms (CDPs) need to provide customer feedback along the whole customer journey. Here are the three gaps in that feedback we see most often.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Survey Results
How to Get the Most Out of Your Survey Results Creating and distributing a survey is the first step in gathering feedback from your customers. But what happens next once the responses have come in? Being prepared to take meaningful actions on your survey results is imperative in order to improve your customer experience (CX). […]
Social Selling Best Practices
Social Selling Best Practices Social media has changed the way consumers are researching brands and purchasing products, and brands with a social selling strategy are winning over competitors who don’t. We’re sharing the latest tips and tricks for leveraging your social media channels to drive more leads, shorten the sales cycle and win more business.
Reputation Action-IQ
Pivot to First-Party Data to Fuel Your CDP and Enhance CX
By: Timi Chu (Reputation), Florian Delval (ActionIQ), and Mackenzie Johnson (ActionIQ) Customer data platforms (CDPs) have become increasingly important to senior executives. These solutions help businesses understand their customers by collecting first-party data (i.e., data collected directly from their customer interactions) and delivering valuable insight into their preferences and purchasing behavior to ultimately, activate informed customer […]
Why Healthcare Professionals Should Leverage Social Listening
Social media is changing healthcare — it’s time you changes with it. Start by leveraging social listening to gain insight into patient sentiment.
How Senior Care Can Drive Growth in the Feedback Economy
The way residents and their loved ones search for senior care has changed — it's time for senior care providers to embrace the Feedback Economy.