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At Reputation, you’ll work alongside some of the most passionate, talented and ambitious individuals from around the world. At our core, we believe technology can connect companies and communities. 

Reputation by the Numbers

Innovative features from start to finish.


Founded in 2013, the Reputation platform generates more than 15 million insights a day to help businesses improve their online reputation.

34 Patents

Reputation is a proven trailblazer and idea generator with 34 patents approved—and more pending.

40M+ Surveys

More than 40 million surveys deployed to help brands manage online reputation and collect meaningful feedback.

Six Global Offices

Six global offices and growing fast, with more than 450 smart, creative and passionate employees

3B+ Points of Interest Managed

Three billion points of interest managed to centralize, update and share accurate location data in real time.


The rollout of exciting new product features for our award-winning Reputation Experience Management platform.

Like You—We Live to Beat Our Best

We’re insatiable in our desire to lead the market—anticipating our customers’ needs as they grow. At Reputation, we work together as a team to bring our values to our work each day:

Courage: The drive to consistently beat our best

Accountability: The knowledge that we must hold ourselves—and our work—to the highest standard. 

Collaboration: The belief that we work best together.

Integrity: The understanding that humanity is woven into our collective interactions.

Optimism: The mindset that technology can help connect businesses, individuals and communities.

We are Motivated by Four Basic Principles 

  1. The Desire to Humanize All Data
  2. The Importance of Anticipating Every Need
  3. The Challenge to Beat Our Best
  4. The Belief that Feedback Fuels Progress

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Our Reputation Nation spans around the world. This global perspective allows us to intentionally unlock the magic that comes from diversity of experience to contribute to our success.

At Reputation, we believe in:

Diversity: Embracing a culture that values uniqueness.

Inclusion: Inviting diverse groups to take part in company life.

Belonging: Helping each individual feel accepted for who they are.

At Reputation, we see diversity and inclusion as the foundation for an equitable workplace. Our goal is to empower all of our employees, regardless of their background, to make an impact in their work each and every day.


Kip B., IT Lead, Redwood City, CA

“I feel very fortunate to work with my super awesome team. The IT Service Desk crew is about a half dozen people, spread out across the world. They’re friendly, enthusiastic, really knowledgeable people, and we all enjoy working together. I’m excited to continue working with them to help the company grow and succeed.”

Miguel S., Senior Support Lead, Liverpool, UK

“I love my team in the Liverpool office. We are very close and help each other out. It’s a diverse team, with people from different countries and different age brackets, and we all get along well. The atmosphere is relaxed…Here, as long as you do your job well, I have the freedom to work in the way that’s best for me, and that motivates me to work harder and do an even job better.”

Art S., Engineering Manager, Social Suite, Chicago, IL

“What I love about working at a startup is the amount of impact you can have as an individual…Our clients are very vocal and not afraid to tell us what they think. It helps improve the product. And when you hear a lot of positive things, it’s really rewarding, because you know you’ve made a difference for them. Perpetually trying to rise to the occasion is what I think makes the job exciting.”

Molly B., Senior Manager of Customer Marketing, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“One of the reasons I was so interested in working at Reputation is that they’re a digital-first, customer-centric company… It’s really important for me to build a process and structure for creating efficiencies and helping customers leverage our technology to be better, faster and more agile.”

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