Competitive Intelligence

Understand and Leverage Your Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Capture, analyze and take action on your competitive landscape

Competitive Intelligence screengrabs

Compare Against Competitor Data

Drill Deep Into Competitor Performance Insights

Rank Your Brand vs. Top Competitors and Industry Benchmarks

Understand Competitor Customer Sentiment

Learn The Positive and Negative Contributions To Competitors’ Star Ratings

Uncover Key Themes and Trends In Competitors’ Feedback

Save Time and Money

Reduce Outsourcing to Consulting Firms and Agencies to Get Competitive Data

Empower In-house Teams To Further Drive Business Strategy

Features of Competitive Intelligence

Key Performance Metrics: You vs. The Competition

Hand-select the brands you’d like to evaluate.

Compare performance metrics such as star ratings, review volume, response rates and Reputation Score industry benchmarks in a custom dashboard.

Sentiment Analysis in Real-Time

Understand your competitors’ performance based on comparisons across key categories related to your business, customer feedback and industry.

Deep dive into positive and negative customer experiences to identify themes from their online reviews.

Turn data insights into an actionable “to-do” list and prioritize areas that need attention.

Your Brand vs. Your Competitor Sentiment Analysis

AI-Powered SWOT Analysis

Isolate a specific competitor’s feedback data to understand the why behind their online reputation.

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses across their customer journey and business operations. Use the learnings to fuel your brand’s campaigns, messaging and business strategies.

Screengrab of Strength & Weakness comparison

Track Trends & Emerging Opportunities

Detect key issues and inflection points driving positive and negative trends across multiple segments and time periods.

Proactively identify opportunities or risks across segments and receive recommendations on how to get the competitive edge.

Screengrab of tracking trends and big movers

Share Insights and Expertise to Drive Action

Arm your organization with gathered insights to fuel your strategic business initiatives.

Automatically generate executive-ready reports that include easy to digest data charts, graphs and read-outs of actual competitor reviews.

Put Competitive Intelligence into action to:

  • Run promotional campaigns
  • Improve operations across departments and locations
  • Make better-informed leadership decisions
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