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UK Pharmacies 'Quick Take' Report 2023-24
Discover Reputation Performance trends for 1,900 pharmacy locations in the UK. Check out our rankings of some of the UK's biggest pharmacy brands.
2024 Healthcare Rankings Report
The 2024 Healthcare Rankings Report delves into the ever-changing landscape of the industry and one thing becomes clear: patients prioritize feedback when selecting care.
UK Hospitality Snapshot 2024
UK Hospitality Snapshot 2024 Discover how leading UK hospitality brands are managing reputation performance to drive footfall and increase revenue in 2024. Grab a copy of our hospitality industry ‘snapshot’ to gain insight into:
2024 Healthcare Trends Guide
2024 Healthcare Trends Guide
The 2024 Healthcare Trends Guide explores four pivotal trends shaping the healthcare industry, namely strategic imperatives in healthcare: M&A, the consumerization of healthcare, the impacts of the healthcare talent crisis, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity and the adaptation to AI-enhanced healthcare discovery.
The Healthcare Online Reputation Management Guide
Healthcare Online Reputation Management Guide
The Healthcare Online Reputation Management Guide provides essential insights for navigating the digital landscape of healthcare.
Mastering HIPAA-Compliant Patient Review Responses: A Comprehensive Guide
Discover the essential strategies for HIPAA-compliant patient review responses with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential strategies to navigate patient feedback professionally, safeguarding your organization from potential HIPAA pitfalls.
Guide: Turn Intent into Intelligence
Turn Intent into Intelligence: A Guide to Unlocking the Power of Social Listening
Unlock the potential of social listening! Download our comprehensive guide to learn the essentials, develop a successful strategy, and discover Reputation's advanced Social Listening suite for actionable insights.
Understanding Reputation Score: Your Guide to Better Business Performance
Elevate your marketing strategy with our Reputation Score Guide. Discover how this comprehensive metric goes beyond traditional measures, correlates with real business metrics, and provides actionable insights.
Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence: A Guide to Unlocking Key Customer Insights to Stand Out From the Competition
Elevate your business strategy with our Competitive Intelligence guide. Uncover key tips to stay ahead of competitors, harness the power of data, and democratize customer insights.
5 Key Pillars of Effective Online Reputation Management
Unlock the value of customer feedback and enhance your customer journey with the five key pillars of effective online reputation management.

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