The Platform

One Platform. The Entire Customer Journey.

React to reviews immediately. Find out what’s happening at a location and anticipate your customers’ needs for the next time.

Get the tools you need to turn every interaction into a competitive advantage with our Reputation Experience Management (RXM) platform.

  1. Comprehensive and Connected
    • From Reviews to Surveys to Social to Business Listings, the Reputation platform helps companies anticipate business needs and customer concerns.
  2. Action-Oriented
    • Find out how you’re doing. Our platform provides prescriptive recommendations with clear actions to get better and track your progress.
  3. Flexible and Open
    • Your data, your way. Create customized views and reports to find out what matters most. Plus, import other data from other sources so you can see everything in one place.

Every Interaction
All in One Platform

Innovative features from start to finish.

Reputation Score X

The personal trainer for your business.

See where you stand today, learn how you got there, then know exactly what to do next to improve.

Feedback Anywhere

Bring together all of your important data sources.

Pull all of them into the Reputation platform and create one tool for all the metrics that matter most to you.

Seamless Integration

The tools that easily integrate with all the others.

Eliminate the complexity and expense of trying to integrate multiple vendor platforms.

User-Focused Design

Work faster and smarter with our clean and simple platform design.

Customize your dashboard and perform common tasks quickly with shortcuts.

Reputation Mobile App

Take our platform on the go.

Our mobile app is the best in the business, enabling your teams to manage your brand reputation from any location.

In my opinion, the Reputation platform offers the best solution out there. The platform is great, easy to use, and I really like the modular approach. Our dealers have the power to respond and influence customers’ opinions in real time, from within the Reputation platform.


Ready to grow your business with the only platform that truly puts you in command of your customer experience?

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