Retail: Deliver on Your Brand Promises

Manage, measure, and scale your online reputation in real time.

Unlock your Reputation Performance

Understand Consumer Sentiment

Gather more public and private feedback from customers to help improve your online reputation and highlight improvement opportunities.

As a foundational element of our SEO strategy, Reputation delivers tremendous value to Orangetheory by ensuring local communities have accurate, timely information about nearby studios and alternative services. This helps keep members engaged and active, providing a competitive advantage for Orangetheory now and in the months ahead.

Jay Bolling, Tombras Agency,

Gather and Manage Reviews

Request and respond to reviews across the sites that matter most to your business and monitor performance over time at the brand, regional, or location level.

[Reputation] enables you to manage and optimize the most critical marketing tool in your toolbox—word-of-mouth—and provides insight into your fleet’s performance and how well your frontline associates are optimizing your brand experience.

Doug Zarkin, Chief Marketing Officer,
Pearle Vision

Benchmark Against Local Competition

Understand where you stack up against local competition and receive AI-driven recommendations on how to improve.

We really needed to understand our customers better, so we sought a solution whereby we could listen and respond to all customers to generate insights to inform our decision-making.

Michael Scarfe, Research Manager,
Scentre Group (Owner and operation of Westfield in Australia and New Zealand)

Know Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Aggregate everything customers think, feel, and say about you online into a single metric proven to correlate tightly with lead volume and top-line revenue.

The best way to fully understand on-site customer experience is to apply AI, natural language processing and machine learning to the vast cloud of unprompted, unstructured data on the social web.

Dr. Brad Null, Chief Scientist,

Take Quick Action on Negative Feedback

Automatically take action and improve your service recovery directly within the platform.

Example of Automate Actions

A Centralized Platform to Manage and Grow Your Business

Effortlessly manage your online reputation and customer communication from one location.

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