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From brand promise to consumer voices: t The power of feedback in modern healthcare marketing
Reputation + Becker's Healthcare: From Brand Promise to Consumer Voices
As healthcare marketers navigate changes in a volatile industry, they can know one thing is certain: we’ve reached a tipping point where patients increasingly rely on crowdsourced consumer feedback rather than brand promises or provider referrals when seeking care.
Consumer Feedback Has Changed And Why it Matters
How Consumer Feedback Has Changed – And Why It Matters
In this webinar, the former Global Director of Customer Experience Strategy at General Motors shares straightforward methodologies to help dealers extract actionable insights from feedback data to make informed decisions and win business.
2024 Marketing Trends
2024 Marketing Trends Webinar
Check out our insightful webinar on 2024 Marketing Trends, where we dove into the evolving marketing landscape.
Making the Connection: Tap into Employee Feedback for Keys to Reducing Turnover and Improving Care
Unlock solutions for staffing challenges in senior care! Check out our 30-minute webinar to discover the keys to an effective employee feedback program, the impact of listening and acting, and the transformative power of celebrating your workforce. Drive advocacy and improve retention rates with innovative insights and best practices.
Mastering Online Reputation: How to do More with Less
Unlock the potential of online reviews in healthcare and win over 94% of potential patients who rely on them. Check out this webinar to discover best practices and practical steps to drive provider selection and create better patient relationships – with the personnel resources you have today.
Make the Most out of National Leave a Review Day
In this webinar, Reputation and G2 unveil the best tactics and strategies you can use to drive more reviews for your business and make the most of National Leave a Review Day on June 8th.
MarTech + Reputation 5 CX Trends That Will Shape 2023
This webinar explores how brands uniquely listen to customer feedback and apply the latest techniques to garner meaningful, actionable customer insights to drive increased engagement with customers and employees.
Unlock the Power of Your Property's Reputation
Check out our webinar for the latest trends, technology and innovations in the property management industry.
Reputation Product Innovation Webinar: What's New in 2023
Check out a deep dive into our latest innovations as we start off 2023. Join Phil Rapisardo, Vice President - Solution Engineering, to learn how you can help your team drive acquisition and loyalty.
Reputation + Salesforce Use Case Overview
Check out this webinar to to learn how you can leverage first-party Reputation data in Salesforce CRM — from survey and review requests to ticketing.

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