Boost Your Social Marketing: 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Local Presence

Shannon Heath

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, consumers are beginning their journey on social media. They actively seek to learn about, connect and communicate with brands via social channels, and they expect a seamless experience.

With so many digital channels, it’s getting more and more difficult to break through the noise and attract new followers. And once you do, how do you get them to take notice…and keep noticing?

Consumers find user-generated content nearly 10x more impactful than “traditional content” when making a purchase decision.

Source: Search Logistics

User-generated content. It’s a direct line to understanding what your customers want and what they find compelling. Adding user-generated content drives higher, more authentic engagement…and you don’t have to go far to find it! Tap into these sources for a wealth of content ideas:

  1. Social Publishing
    Use social platforms as a stage to tell your brand’s story through the eyes of your local customers. By sharing and celebrating what your community creates, you underline the brand’s commitment to them, fostering loyalty and advocacy.
  2. Reviews 
    A robust reputation management system can turn occasional reviewers into regular contributors to your brand’s story. Highlighting and thanking reviewers publicly amplifies their voice and encourages further engagement.
  3. Business Listings
    Make it easy for customers to find and share their experiences with your brand by ensuring an accurate and compelling presence across online directories, review sites and social platforms.
  4. Surveys
    Gather customer insights beyond the social feed. Surveys are a direct line to your customer’s preferences and attitudes, providing valuable insights that can inform brand direction and content.
  5. Community Management
    Cultivate a dedicated online space (Facebook Groups, brand hashtags, etc.) that encourages user-generated content. Recognition and collaboration will ensure your most loyal customers feel appreciated and empowered.
  6. Social Listening & Engagement
    Engage proactively with your customers’ feedback and incorporate their sentiment into your broader social plan. Listen to understand, and then engage meaningfully. Brands can turn even a disgruntled customer’s story into an opportunity for resolution and positive brand narrative.

Effectively leveraging user-generated content requires an integrated approach that aligns your marketing efforts with your customers’ digital journey. Reputation gives brands one unified platform to monitor and manage consumer feedback, amplify it across all social networks, and engage with comments and reviews at scale. Real-time, location-level data and rich visualizations give marketers deeper insights into social and reputation performance, to better understand consumer sentiment and take targeted actions for improvement.

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