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COVID-19 Town Hall for Automotive

Concerns over the spread and potential impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are straining organizations to respond to increased online communications and social media activity.

We understand this is a serious public health issue challenging the automotive industry and would like to offer our support in managing reputation & social media through a virtual TownHall.

This 45-minute session for our automotive clients will include interactive Q&A and provide actionable tips on how you can use your current resources to mitigate these obstacles. Specifically, we’ll share with you:

  • Supportive tactics that can help you manage communications to your customers and local communities
  • Simple demonstrations showing how to take advantage of your existing tools
  • What other organizations are doing

Presenters: Ali Fawaz, Adam Dorfman, Julie Fitzpatrick, Amanda Devenport

Recorded Apr 2 2020 ❘ 52 mins

Topic: Through Leadership
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