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5 Challenges Faced By Franchises & How They Can Overcome Them
Reputation highlights five common challenges that franchises face and offers actionable solutions to overcome them successfully.
How Hospitality Leaders Can Overcome A Crisis Of Confidence In Their Industry
Reputation breaks down CGA's Business Confidence report and offers actionable tips to overcome the industry's challenges.
How Automotive Brands Can Win in the Feedback Economy
Read our infographic to learn how automotive brands can attract shoppers and win in the Feedback Economy.
How Senior Care Can Drive Growth in the Feedback Economy
The way residents and their loved ones search for senior care has changed — it's time for senior care providers to embrace the Feedback Economy.
Why Combining Employee Experience Feedback Types Is Essential (Part 2)
This webinar on transforming the employee experience concludes with a conversation with Leigh White of BrightSpring Health.
Why Combining Employee Experience Feedback Types Is Essential (Part 1)
This webinar will cover combining internal and external employee feedback to provide insights that can revolutionize the employee experience.
Why Healthcare Needs to Focus on the Employee Experience
As we enter the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry needs to focus on its employee experience to succeed.
Why You Need to Administer Employee Surveys
Your employees are feeling burnout — are you listening? We break down why surveys are the best way to put a spotlight on the voice of the employee.
Improving the Patient & Provider Experience
This webinar discusses what healthcare organizations need to know to succeed as we enter the COVID-19 pandemic’s recovery phase.
The Rise of the Feedback Economy
In the Feedback Economy, reviews and social media comments are like currency. We break down how your business can succeed in this new world.
How to Fight Healthcare Worker Burnout
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers are experiencing a severe burnout. Here's how your organization can fight burnout on your team.
Managing Your Brand Reputation During the Great Resignation
As the coronavirus pandemic slowly wanes, members of the workforce are quitting their jobs in droves. It’s become such a phenomenon that a name has even become attached to it — The Great Resignation. As Forbes reported, the rate of people quitting their jobs in February – April 2020 dropped from 2 to 1.6 percent. […]

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