Why We Need to Keep Women In Medicine

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The healthcare industry depends on women. They are our scientists, clinical researchers, and frontline caregivers. During the pandemic, nurses and doctors have been putting their own personal safety at risk. But women are leaving the industry in unprecedented numbers. That’s why the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) has launched a campaign, Give Her a Reason to Stay, to uplift women in healthcare. This cause is critical to the future of healthcare in the U.S. As the AMWA points out, women make up the majority of frontline healthcare workers. That means women leaving the industry will have a significant impact on patient care and the advancement of medical research. 

Why Need to #GiveHerAReasonToStay in the Healthcare Industry

The AMWA provides some compelling reasons why women are leaving the industry. Compared to their male colleagues, women:

This situation is unacceptable, and these inequalities will hurt the entire healthcare industry.

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What can be done? Plenty.

What You Can Do

First, the AMWA encourages people to post supportive messages on social media throughout September using the hashtags #GiveHerAReasonToStay and #WomenInMedicine to spread awareness. Here’s a compelling message from Amy Linsin, Chief Human Resources Officer, Prisma Health:

“Women are essential to the care we deliver across Prisma Health. We are grateful for the frontline doctors, nurses, and all providers who have continued to be dedicated to caring despite the challenges we continue to face.” 

The campaign organizers also suggest supporting women in healthcare with positive reviews of their performance. Think about a woman who was there for you or a loved one. Then craft a review. Be as specific as you can, and mention their name to make it personal. Did they go the extra mile? What made their care special? 

Take a moment to thank a caregiver who has been there for you and your loved ones— #GiveHerAReasonToStay in the healthcare industry. 

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