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When it comes to business analytics, Reputation takes a holistic view on how data can deliver the most value to the business, in a way that no other online reputation management company quite achieves. You might find competitive point-solutions that help you manage your social campaigns or reviews, but no other platform on the market offers the breadth and depth of data capture, analysis, reporting and sense-making features that you get with the Reputation enterprise dashboard.

Full Spectrum of Online Reputation Analytics in One Place

With a few clicks in your fully customizable filter menu, vast streams of data are collected, organized and displayed in a way that makes it quick and easy to see which areas of your business are thriving and which can use improvement.

Reputation collects data from:

  1. All major review sites
  2. All industry-specific review sites (such as for healthcare or for automotive)
  3. Custom survey data
  4. Business listings
  5. Search results
  6. Social media

This data is analyzed into an overall Reputation Score, which shows at a glance how you rank relative to competitors or other locations.

Unlike many services that roll up the data and only give a 50,000-foot summary view, we provide access to large quantities of granular data through a framework that makes it incredibly easy to determine which parts of the business need improvement, and what might be effective strategies to achieve those improvements.

Reputation’s enterprise Online Reputation Management platform offers incredibly rich information, through an easy-to-use dashboard. Here are its many features:

  1. Reviews: Monitor, request, respond to and share reviews
  2. Surveys: Build and share surveys and report on the data
  3. Business Listings: Audit all business listings found in search results, major review sites, and industry-related sites
  4. Social Media: Monitor and publish content to your locations’ pages and view performance metrics. Turn positive reviews into Tweets or Facebook posts
  5. Reports and Analysis: Access robust default reporting designed to answer the most pressing management questions or design custom reports. View in product or export to professional PDF or CSV report for internal distribution
  6. Reputation Score: Quickly see how your business stacks up to the competition and where your strengths and weaknesses lie

Reputation pulls the tools you need to manage your company’s online reputation into one, easy-to-navigate dashboard, and empowers you to take control of what people are saying about your business.

Operational Analysis: Word Cloud

Some of the most powerful tools in the enterprise product suite are Reputation’s analytics tools. The advanced analytics use sophisticated machine learning and a wide range of data sources to produce high-precision, actionable insights to give businesses an understanding of the health of their operations and help them compete better.

Gathering data from online reviews, kiosk reviews, and both internal and external surveys, Reputation subjects the content found in these sources to extensive thematic analysis. The result? A clear visual representation of the strengths and weaknesses of your business that can be reviewed at a high level (for all locations) or refined to the granularity that you want (down to a single location).

To make the word cloud easy to read, words are presented in a color spectrum from vibrant green (most positive) to dark red (most negative) and also in a range of sizes. The larger the word, the more often it has surfaced in the source data. For example, large, bright green text for “nurse” would indicate that most patients wrote often and positively about the service they received from a hospital network’s nursing staff.

Operational Analysis: Tornado Chart

Use our advanced analytics to extract valuable insights across a set of the most important, machine-learned categories for your industry. The Tornado charts tool shows a visualization of what’s happening in the organization via customer feedback sentiment and trends — starting with a broad view that includes volume and sentiment across all locations by category and drilling down into unique customer survey and review responses for a particular topic.

Industry benchmarks for each category offer a way to sanity-check performance against peers. Compare the volume and sentiment of reviews to the average for peers in similar categories to see where a location or region stands relative to its competitors.

It’s a powerful way to learn from customer feedback and calibrate the significance when looking to make data-driven business decisions. Now, organizations can use real insights to make operational decisions based on their rich online reputation data.

Drawn from a wide range of sources, our analytics tools offer a holistic understanding of how customers or patients feel about your brand as a whole and your individual locations.

Flexible and Scalable Analytics

Reputation is unique among online reputation management companies for the level of flexibility and scalability that comes standard for every client using our enterprise platform.

Each client’s top filters are fully customizable and range from service regions and sub-regions to individual brands within a larger organization. These filters drive every tool on the dashboard, putting configurable data analysis — tailored to your business and industry — right at your fingertips.

Clients can also schedule reports and have them sent to all relevant stakeholders within their organization.

They can take advantage of our extensive reports library or build their own with exactly the information they need. These reports can be scheduled on a regular cadence or created on a one-off basis.

For example, one of our customers, a large auto maker, creates custom reports for all its regional managers and has the system to automatically distribute the reports on a predefined schedule.

First-class Reporting

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with enterprise customers over many years, it’s that broad buy-in to organizational change is difficult to achieve. Our comprehensive portfolio of ready-made reports make it a lot easier. In our clients’ hands, these reports provide clear and actionable data to achieve top-to-bottom buy-in across your organization.

For example, after struggling to get managers and physicians to accept the importance of actively managing their reputation online, Children’s Health Care System began sharing monthly reputation reports and daily notifications of negative reviews with constituents. The data painted a convincing picture; and in just over a year, helped the whole organization come together to raise Cook Children’s Reputation Score by 50 percent and nearly double its review volume.

Likewise, Arkansas Surgical Hospital nearly quadrupled its review volume in just 10 months and increased its Reputation Score more than 5X after bringing the executive team on board using Reputation’s reports.

In addition to securing organizational buy-in, our reporting tool makes it easy to assess how your business compares with top competitors as well as the industry average.

It can even give you valuable competitor analysis at the individual location level, enabling you to see how individual locations are faring compared with other local businesses in your industry.

Whether you’ve struggled to manage your company’s online reputation for years, or are just getting started, Reputation has the tools you need to be successful.

As the leading Online Reputation Management provider and a pioneer of the industry, Reputation offers the most complete product suite on the market, featuring robust data analysis, business-listings management, review request and response management, survey functionality, custom reporting, a mobile app and analytics tools that deliver actionable insights in seconds, all packaged into one fully customizable, easy-to-use platform.

If you’re interested in learning how our Online Reputation Management platform makes it easy to see which areas of your business are thriving and which can use improvement, contact us for a demo.

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