From Practice to Perfection: How Reputation’s Best Practices Propelled Us to Number One

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When it comes to online reputation management and experience management, Reputation has emerged as the undeniable champion, dominating the industry from the number one position. But what sets us apart from the competition? The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to practicing what we preach. By wholeheartedly embracing and applying our proven best practices, we ranked number 1 in both Online Reputation Management and Experience Management by G2.

G2 recognition holds immense importance for us because the reviews on the G2 platform authentically represent our customers’ sentiments. Understanding and analyzing customer sentiment is a fundamental value that our company upholds. Achieving such high recognition with G2, the largest customer review site for business software and a crucial information source for technology shoppers, confirms that we are moving in the right direction and effectively fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Let’s explore more about how we used our own winning recipe for success to be the first company ever to achieve number 1 in both categories. 

Prioritize Customer Feedback 

We’re in the business of customer feedback therefore, we know how important it is to leverage feedback to boost brand awareness and earn customer’s loyalty and trust. One of the biggest ways to increase customer feedback is to request and manage customer reviews. We also know it’s imperative for businesses to have a strategy around when and how they’re asking for reviews. 

When it came to getting our customers to review us on G2  we went beyond emailing review requests and implemented in-platform review prompt notifications  The pop-up notifications increased review volume and recency, which led to an increase in our star rating on G2.

When to Ask for Reviews: Reputation’s Tips for Success

By collecting feedback immediately or soon after customers have completed a purchase or used your services, your product or service will still be fresh in your customers’ minds the earlier you reach out to them. By utilizing this practice, businesses can receive more thorough feedback, which can be operationalized to make notable changes to your product or services.

If you’re sending review requests by email, have your customer support team send them mid-week and in the morning. Our research shows you can see a 10% gain in response rates by timing messages right. You might even see a boost in your conversion rate as well. 

Respond to All Customer Feedback

We believe in the power of engaging with our customers and responding to their feedback. Not only does it foster stronger connections, but it also brings invaluable benefits. Responding to reviews helps increase your reach, enhances the customer experience, and boosts your search engine visibility. 

We view responding to reviews as a fast and effective marketing strategy that elevates our overall customer experience. In a competitive business landscape, responding to a review could tip the balance in your favor.

How to Respond to Reviews: Reputation’s Tips for Success

Engaging with your customers in the right way is both an art and a science. These tips could win more business for your brand.

Respond Quickly 

Responding quickly is essential because customers are likely to forget they left a review in the first place. Engaging quickly to both positive and negative reviews increases the odds of starting a live conversation.

Respond to Specific Points in the Review

Personalization is key, ensuring that your review doesn’t come off as a templated response. Answering specific points in the review is essential. Mentioning specific products is also an opportunity to add in target keywords and boost your SEO.

Promote Your Positive Reviews

Positive customer feedback is a perfect opportunity to market your brand, so make sure to take the time to promote any positive reviews you have. Share them on social media, feature them on your website, or even use them in your digital marketing campaigns. This will enhance your brands reach and visibility. 

 Check our ultimate review guide for more tips. 

We are especially thrilled that our G2 top rankings were based on positive reviews from our customers. 

Streamline Your Customer’s Experience with Reputation

Reputation gives your marketing team the power to manage business listings, request and engage with online reviews, and ensure your organization makes a strong first impression.  We go one step further and help you operationalize feedback from reviews, surveys, and social media, so you can help you quickly identify recurring issues and standardize best practices across your organization and down at the location level — leading to a better overall experience for your customers

We understand the challenges businesses face in today’s digital landscape, where online reputation and customer experience are crucial to success. Reputation has worked tirelessly to develop solutions that empower companies like yours to increase customers, sales, and loyalty, with the platform ranked #1 in both Online Reputation Management and Experience Management.

Learn more about why businesses today say Reputation is the leader in Online Reputation Management and  Experience Management. Download the G2 report to see why.

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