How Google Business Profiles Influence the Patient Journey

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2022 marks another year of seismic change for healthcare. Even as the industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are faced with compelling issues such as regulatory change, the digitization of the industry, and the shift to value-based care. 

But one constant remains: Google drives the patient journey. Both facilities and physicians need to be visible and active in Google’s world. This is one of many findings of the recently published 2022 Healthcare Reputation Report.

According to research that Reputation conducted with YouGov in 2021:

When consumers research ratings and reviews, they tend to start on Google. Our research showed that Google is the most popular source for searching for a physician or hospital — more popular than provider/physician websites, healthcare-specific sites, or social media. Google is also the #1 review site used by healthcare consumers.

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The Impact of Google Business Profiles

Our Data Science team examined how people have interacted with facilities’ and physicians’ Google Business Profiles when seeking care. That’s because:

We studied listings data for 90,578 facilities and physicians in the United States. We found:

Graph showing Google Business Profile Impact on Healthcare

Graph showing Google Business Profile Impact on Healthcare Providers

We also examined the correlation between Google Business Profile actions and views and Reputation Scores for facilities and physicians. A Reputation Score is a metric that measures the strength of a location’s online reputation based mostly on patient ratings/reviews. We found that:

There is a symbiotic relationship between reputation management and visibility on Google. Providers that manage their reputations well get more views and actions on Google Business Profiles. This traffic means that more people learn about the provider and their patient care.

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Reputation is the first Google Business Profile partner to make it easier for providers and locations to publish this everywhere their information appears across Google. Contact us to learn how we can help you get the most out of your Business Profile. 

For more insight, read our 2022 Healthcare Reputation Report

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