Your Online Reputation is a Driving Force in Your Success

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Watch the webinar in the player below or click here to view it on our YouTube channel. recently hosted a live webinar for the automotive industry, during which we focused on the importance of maintaining a healthy online presence, and why online reputation management (ORM) is becoming essential for the sector.

The Customer Journey

The customer journey has changed. A simple Google search brings back what is now your ‘showroom’, and what information shows up after each search can influence that person’s next decision.

Your reputation is everywhere consumers look. Whether it’s a search on desktop, mobile, maps, by voice, social media or something else, businesses need to ensure they’re on top of managing those sources at all times. This is even more important for companies who operate through multiple locations — that’s why in the automotive sector, ORM is gaining traction.

ORM isn’t just about reviews anymore. It encompasses and source of information where your business shows up online — from business listings to social media, directories, review requesting and more.

Modernise Your Dealership’s Marketing

During this webinar, presenters Anthony Gaskell,’s UK Director and Dean Repiso,’s UK Operations Director covered each of five key points, to help dealerships or OEMs of any size who are looking to take control of their online presence to manage and improve performance over time:

  • What does ORM mean to an auto dealer or manufacturer?
  • How buyers are finding you, and how the customer journey has changed
  • The overall vision of ORM and how the process can benefit your brand
  • How to improve Customer Experience and maximise ROI with ORM best practice
  • How to get started with your ORM programme

Additionally, they covered the challenges and solutions for business listings, review generation, social media, surveys and more, provided best-in-class use cases to show how various clients are using

‘Your Online Reputation Score Is A Driving Force In Your Success’ was a webinar that was broadcast live in 2018.

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