Improving Property Management ROI Through Reputation Partnership

Reputation Staff Writer

What can a property management firm accomplish by partnering with reputation management and customer experience experts?

Greystar Managing Director of U.S. Strategic Marketing Greg Benson says the right partnership can yield more than the obvious benefits of reducing churn, going beyond ORA scores and increasing review volume. In this 30-min conversation, Benson discusses the “invisible” benefits that a relationship with a reputation management company provides. Specifically, we’ll dive into:

  • How relying on experts has benefited Greystar
  • What attributes to look for in a partner that fits your firm
  • How to overcome objections about starting a partnership

Presenters: Rebecca Biestman CMO RDC, and Greg Benson, Greystar

Recorded Oct 09 2020 ❘ 31 mins

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