An Introduction to Social Media Management

Adam Dorfman

Reputation is proud to present another video resource: ‘An Introduction to Social Media Management.’ 

Any business worth its salt needs to be present on social media. Moreover, leading companies are efficacious in their social media management. They understand social media management is a critical component of their brands’ online reputation and their local marketing and is thus a key driver of revenue.

Click the player below to view ‘An Introduction to Social Media Management’. Alternatively, click here to view it on our YouTube channel.

Overview of ‘An Introduction to Social Media Management’

Within two minutes, this video will give viewers insight into:

  • How companies can holistically manage social media accounts for multiple locations to enhance their local marketing.
  • How brands can schedule and post across numerous social media accounts for multiple locations.
  • How’s class-leading platform delivers all the tools needed to execute social media management to enhance online reputation and increase revenue.
  • …and much more!

Learn More

We hope you enjoyed watching ‘An Introduction to Social Media Management’. Additional information about social media management can be found in the recommended resources section at the end of the page.

You may also visit our dedicated ‘Social Suite’ page to gain further insight into how can transform your company’s social media management. Also, we’ve got a free ebook entitled ‘How to Improve Your Reputation with Effective Social Media Management’. Download this ebook via the button below.

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