How Reputation Does It: A Comprehensive Platform

Adam Dorfman

Turn Customer Feedback into Revenue with a Comprehensive Platform

The world is filled with digital noise.

Tweets, posts, texts and websites clamor for consumer attention at all hours of every day. Before businesses can cut through the noise, they’ve got to make sense of it.

However, this presents an opportunity. Companies that discern meaningful customer feedback and rapidly act on it have a lot to gain. After all, consistently delighting or frustrating customers is the crucial difference between winning or losing business.

In today’s reputation economy, turning noise into information and information into insights is the key to building your online reputation and growing revenue.

Sounds like the path to success, right? Well, it is, especially when you choose the right partner.

Many Solutions or One Platform?

When it comes to Online Reputation Management, there are many highly reputable point solutions on the market. You can buy Yext to manage your business listings. Podium or Birdeye to manage reviews. Qualtrix or SurveyMonkey to collect customer feedback. Sprinklr and Hootsuite to monitor social conversations on the web.

But with each new point solution, you’re also adding overhead in the form of technical complexity, expense, and administrative headaches. Now you need to juggle disparate solutions, each with its own workflow, dashboards, analytics and reporting capabilities. Not to mention billing models, learning curve and setup costs.

So ask yourself which makes better sense for your enterprise — multiple point solutions that you need to stitch together yourself, or a single online reputation management platform that integrates all of these capabilities and runs in the cloud?

A Single, Integrated Platform

Reputation helps large enterprises manage and grow their online reputation through the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS platform.

We provide a unified system to solicit, capture and respond to feedback across all customer experience channels, from in-store kiosks and tablets to review sites, online surveys and social media. As a result, Reputation eliminates the cost and complexity of multiple, disparate point solutions. We remove the administrative headache of monitoring, managing and measuring your online reputation across the social web. This helps you streamline workflow and improve business operations.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Reputation is built for large enterprises that have hundreds or thousands of points of presence on the internet.

Our platform seamlessly integrates six key capabilities of Online Reputation Management:

  1. Reviews
  2. Surveys
  3. Social media and promotion
  4. Business listings
  5. Operational insights
  6. Flexible reporting

Improve Your Online Reviews

Many solutions on the market can help you monitor online reviews. But only Reputation enables you to request reviews and feedback using a single, intuitive dashboard via desktop or mobile device, through email, kiosks, and SMS.

With Reputation you can monitor over 120 review sites and see your locations’ ratings at a glance, from North America to Europe and Mexico.

You can take action by responding to individual reviews or instantly publishing them across your social channels to share the great things your fans are saying about you.

Gauge Customer Sentiment

A customer with a below average overall Reputation Score could have a great average star rating, but very low review volume with most of the reviews written years ago. Without a granular breakdown of the factors used to calculate the Reputation Score, it can be hard to decide on the most productive next steps. Reputation gives our customers the detail they need to execute the most efficient plan to improve their online reputations.

The Reputation Score also goes beyond the data specific to your business and takes into account the local market and industry. This allows you to benchmark your business and see how it stacks up to the competition both overall and in each of the subcategories above.

Only measuring your brand perception and market cap, the benchmarks many other reputation management companies rely on to calculate their scores, scratches the surface of gauging how well your business reputation is truly doing.

To learn more about how our Reputation Score is improving the way large multi-location companies are doing business, please read our post on how this has become the ultimate measure of trust.

Post, Listen and Engage with Customers

With Reputation, it’s easy to monitor your location’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts and quickly and easily respond to comments posted on them. This opens a two-way conversation with customers, which amplifies awareness and improves engagement. With a few clicks, you can instantly publish reviews, replies, survey results and customer stories across your social networks. You can boost high-performing Facebook posts to turn customers into promoters, driving higher search rankings, greater visibility, more site traffic — all of which helps grow revenue.

Claim and Manage Business Listings

Eighty percent of consumers use search to find local business information, such as hours of operation and addresses. When listings are inaccurate, your search rankings suffer and your business loses credibility. And when you lose credibility, you lose trust — and ultimately lose customers.

With Reputation, you can take full control of your business listings across the internet, from review sites and search results to maps. You can view a summary of listing completion and accuracy, audit all directory listings for all of your locations, and correct and maintain listings for all of your locations — from a single platform.

Measure Business Performance

Reputation’s platform allows you to collect vast amounts of customer review and survey information. That’s important because large data sets of customer feedback are gold mines that Reputation can help you turn into practical insights. You’ll be able to perform thematic analysis and uncover key trends in customer reviews and analyze customer sentiment to learn what’s working and what’s not.

By identifying blind spots and pain points, you can improve your products and services. You can shorten wait times and improve the quality of customer support. Reputation is the only platform that enables you to excavate deep and actionable insights from your customer data to drive real operational improvements.

Turn Data Into Revenue

Your online reputation is a powerful revenue driver. By turning noise into information and information into insight, you can uncover competitive advantages and improve your business. With our platform you’ll have access to the following:

Lower total cost of ownership. A single, intuitive dashboard that consolidates and integrates customer reviews, surveys, business listings, social media monitoring and publishing, reporting and big data insights into a single, coherent platform.

Increased efficiency. Deploy our solution across several thousand business locations in three to 10 days, while avoiding complex cross-vendor integrations which often introduce error.

The power to delight customers. Engage customers by combining surveys and reviews in a single, intuitive workflow without pinging customers multiple times via email or SMS. Give your customers the opportunity to contribute feedback and be heard.

The chance to take action. A single repository of customer feedback across online and offline channels provides a 360-degree view of your online reputation leads to actionable insights, and a greater ability to promote the best customer stories and grow revenue.

By combining these benefits into a single platform, we help you turn customer data into revenue growth. Reputation offers more than marketing technology. We give you a platform for continuously delighting customers and improving business performance across your locations.

If you’d like to learn more, we’re eager to share our expertise with you.

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