Guest Experience Trends in UK Hospitality (2022)

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For many pub and restaurant operators, understanding guest expectations and making sense of the vast quantities of structured and unstructured data about their brand and industry is a significant challenge.

To help hospitality brands to overcome these challenges, Reputation’s Data Science team have produced a report analysing thousands of guest reviews on Google across more than 7,200 locations of some of the UK’s biggest hospitality brands.

In addition, they listened to thousands of social media conversations concerning UK pubs and restaurants to identify trends and points of interest and concern for hospitality operators.

Grab your copy of the report to discover:

  • What guests are saying online about their dining and drinking experiences
  • What matters most to guests in 2022
  • How operators are responding to guest reviews on Google
  • Ways your brand can optimise its digital estate to reduce churn, retain customers, win new business, and ultimately increase revenue
Reputation Hospitality Report 2022

Request Report on Guest Experience Trends in UK Hospitality (2022)

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