Prais Dental Achieves Category-leading Reputation Score with Reputation

Adam Dorfman


  • Prais Dental, a cosmetic and general dental facility based in London, has been providing their patients with excellent dental service and experience.
  • They had a growing roster of happy patients, but those customers weren’t sharing their experiences online.
  • Prais Dental wanted to connect with all of their patients and gather relevant feedback. However, they weren’t sure how they could manage and monitor their overall online reputation.

The Challenge: Creating Brand Loyalists

When Richard Prais, the Principal Dental Surgeon at Prais Dental, reached out to Reputation, he was looking for a robust Online Reputation Management solution that would elevate his organization’s online presence and turn their happy customers into brand advocates.

Prais Dental had many satisfied customers but the majority of them didn’t share their experiences online. Prais knew he had to make his online reputation match the quality of care his practice provides, so he partnered with Reputation to achieve the following goals:

  • Gather feedback from patients
  • Improve local search results
  • Increase review volume and ratings to reflect the truth about his organization’s quality of care

“With patients increasingly searching for dentists online prior to making an appointment, Reputation has helped us improve our overall online presence, transform our patients into loyal advocates and grow our business.”
— Richard Prais, Principal Dental Surgeon, Prais Dental Care

The Solution: Implementing a Solid Review Requesting System

Through Reputation’s Online Reputation Management platform, Prais Dental was able to reach out to their happy customers in an efficient and effective manner, and gain control of their online presence. Here’s how they did it:

1. Soliciting reviews from happy patients:

Reputation integrated with Prais Dental’s practice management application — Software of Excellence — to automatically ask patients to write a review based on their experience. They chose to focus on the top five review sites used by patients in the UK to look for a dentist, including Google, Facebook and NHS.

Soon after launching this program, patients began sharing their experiences on those review sites, which helped Prais Dental boost their review volume and online presence.

“The automated review requesting process has saved us significant time from having to ask patients for feedback.”

2. Monitoring reviews on various third-party sites:

Instead of tracking customer feedback across many disparate review sites, Prais Dental was able to easily stay on top of their online reviews through notifications from the mobile app. Having direct access to all of their reviews in a single dashboard on mobile and through the platform made it easy for Prais Dental to thank satisfied patients and address the occasional issue in a timely manner — enhancing their online reputation considerably.

3. Gathering immediate feedback through on-site kiosks:

A Reputation kiosk tablet was placed in the waiting area, which made it really easy for patients to leave reviews once they were done with their appointments. Patients who left a review were sent a follow-up email asking them to share their original review on Google, NHS Choices, and Facebook. The email contained the original tablet review, so all the patient had to do was copy the text, click the “share” button, and paste it onto that site.

Reviews were also posted automatically to Prais Dental’s testimonial page, which helped boost its local search presence.

4. Promoting reviews on the website through widgets:

Prais Dental used Reputation’s Reviews Widget to promote their best reviews on their website. They were able to showcase reviews in a continuous stream, allowing prospective patients to get a real picture of what patients were saying about the practice without having to leave the website.


  • Within five months, Prais Dental grew its Reputation score 4X from 180 to 798, far exceeding the best-in-class score of 763.
  • They increased their number of reviews from 13 to 38, improving their page ranking in search results.
  • By asking all of their patients to honestly review their services, Prais Dental was able to secure a more representative sample of patient opinion — raising their average star rating to 4.9.
Want to understand how your Reputation Score is calculated? Read our white paper to see how we do it.

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