Healthcare Industry: The Impact of Online Reputation Management

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Case Study: Healthcare Industry


The Challenge: A national network of healthcare providers contracted to provide HIPAA-compliant review management infrastructure for over 400 locations in June 2012. provided the technology infrastructure, training, and technical support. The platform was managed by the client.

Results: By the end of Q1 2013, had transformed the network’s online reputation, leading to significant gains in the sentiment and volume of online healthcare reviews. This led to greater search visibility for the network in its local markets, as well as greater patient loyalty.

Change in Online Reputation: Q3 2012 – Q1 2013

Why Reviews Matter

Consumer Research: Over 80% of Internet users search online for health information, and 1/5th of their searches are about a specific provider. (Pew Research)

Trust: 72% of consumers trust online healthcare reviews as much as word of mouth. (Local Consumer Review Survey)

The Bottom Line: A difference of one “star” in the average rating in a typical online business profile can lead to a 5–9% difference in revenues. (Harvard Business Review)

Local Visibility: 88% of consumers who search for local services on their mobile devices will call or visit one of the businesses they find within the next 24 hours. (Google/Ipsos OTX)

Enterprise Platform

  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Unlimited logins, scalable to any size
  • Manage all locations from a single interface
  • Customizable alerts, analytics, and reporting
  • Zoom in to any level of depth
  • Reputation Score and competitor comparison

Social Media

  • All your social activity collected into the platform
  • Includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Post to social media and respond to social comments from within the platform
  • Library of local, industry-specific content automatically collected for your use in publication
  • Have us build your social media presence with daily posts, likes, retweets, etc.
  • Have us respond to social media queries on your behalf

Online Reviews

  • All your healthcare reviews collected into the platform
  • Includes both general and industry-specific sites
  • Request healthcare reviews from your customers from the platform
  • Have us run a comprehensive healthcare review generation campaign for you
  • Have us respond to reviews on your behalf

Business Listings

  • Key business info (address, hours, phone, etc.) for all your locations posted to dozens of listings sites
  • Ongoing verification of sites for accuracy
  • Optimization of listings sites for an SEO boost in local search results

Additional Features

  • Tablet-based kiosks collect reviews or run surveys from within your business
  • Customized landing pages for each of your business locations, featuring new kiosk reviews
  • Thematic analysis of your online reviews to discover trends
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