Your Online Reputation is a Driving Force in Your Dealership’s Success

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The customer journey starts online. More people than ever are looking online for reviews and information to guide their purchasing decisions, even for high-price, long-term purchases like automobiles. And over 80% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Managing your online reputation is more important than it’s ever been — but it’s also more complicated.

Modernising Your Dealership’s Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy

With this in mind, are hosting a free live webinar on Wednesday, 12th September from 3pm (BST) which will focus on the digital revolution in reputation management that’s currently happening within the UK automotive industry. This 60-minute webinar is being hosted by Anthony Gaskell,’s UK Director alongside other experts in online reputation management.

What Will I Learn?

Over the course of the webinar, we’re looking at the following key areas:

  • What does ORM mean to an auto dealer or manufacturer?
  • How buyers are finding you, and how the customer journey has changed
  • How to set up a three-step programme to improve your online reputation
  • What is the return on investment of ORM?
  • How to get started with your digital revolution
  • A session to address any challenges you may be facing

This webinar is a fantastic starting point to help you modernise your dealership or manufacturer’s marketing. Before the session, you can check out this blog, ‘The 6 Pillars of Online Reputation Management,’ which provides a perfect introduction to ORM.

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