Tip of the Week: Rev Up Review Volume

Reputation Staff Writer

Most research shows the majority of online reviews — as much as 80% — are positive. A location’s first 10 reviews can move it from page two to page one, and 50 reviews deliver a 266-percent increase in click rate. So it makes sense that the more reviews you have, the better impact they’ll have on your online reputation — and your revenue.

To encourage customers to write reviews, ask for them at the right time — after a successful purchase or office visit, for example. Display online reviews in social media and at your location, so customers see you value feedback. Also, make it really easy to complete and submit reviews. Have a kiosk at your location, and make surveys short and mobile-friendly. 

Find out how one Reptuation.com customer tripled the average amount of positive reviews per month, and increased its average star rating from 4.2 to 4.7 in just 10 months.

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