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When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you do?

Raffi would recommend that you “…brush your teeth.” recommends checking your online reputation with our Actions solution.

Wake up! The feedback economy is here. A single online review can reverse thousands of dollars of ad spending in an instant. Your customers are finding you online, and taking control of customer sentiment is the only way to drive business.

The Actions solution is indispensable for managing your online reputation. Whether you are in line for coffee, walking to your next meeting, or wrapping up the day at your desk, Actions always prioritizes the most urgent tickets for your review.

Screen shot of ticket.

The Actions solution lets you streamline workflows and improve your business practices.

Unlike other ticketing systems, Actions is fully integrated with hundreds of relevant review sites, as well as your custom-built surveys. Our workflow automation engine enforces your business practices by:

  • Creating clear points of contact by triaging tickets directly to the team, notifying them immediately via email;
  • Holding each team accountable by enforcing SLAs and reminding teams on a regular cadence;
  • Maintaining the full context of the entire troubleshooting journey.

Providing a consistent customer experience is essential for maintaining positive customer sentiment. Ensure that all of your locations are following brand guidelines and making everyone a repeat customer.

Start Your Day off Right by Taking Control of Your Reputation with Actions

Stop checking your email in bed (yeah, we know), and kickstart your online reputation with Actions from Stay on top of tickets that are impacting your customer experience. You can learn more about our innovative ticketing solution here.

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