Elements of a Great Social Media Post

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By: Timi Chu, Director of Product Management at Reputation, Alyse Finlayson, User Experience Designer of the Social Suite at Reputation, and Katie Wei, Senior Manager of Social Media Operations at Reputation

The ingredients of a great social media post are simple — take a  compelling image or video, add concise caption, and top it off with a clear call-to-action. However, getting to this point might not be as easy as it sounds. Everything included in your post needs to be relevant to your brand and drive engagement back to your company’s website. Here are some tips for crafting the best social media post to connect to all segments of your audience. 

How to Connect With Your Audience

Your social media posts won’t go anywhere unless they grab your audience’s attention. Here are some elements that you should include in posts to catch any user’s eye. 

Examples of Great Social Media Posts

Here are some exemplary posts that we rounded up from our favorite brands. We break down what makes each individual post stand out from the noise on social media.

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 The North Face


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Levi's social media

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings social

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