Reputation Score: A Better Approach to Data-Driven Marketing

Louay Bachir

More than ever, marketing leaders are tasked with tying their team’s efforts to revenue. And as the digital landscape continues to evolve, data-driven decision-making is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s now table stakes for modern marketing leaders to plan, execute, measure, and optimize their team’s initiatives, with a keen focus on its relationship to revenue.

That sounds great in theory, but it’s often challenging for large, multi-location businesses to get a hold of their data across countless platforms, channels, and regions to get a grasp on their data and, more importantly, understand what action to take from it.

That’s where Reputation comes in. By centralizing data from your business listings, social media channels, reviews, surveys, and more, the Reputation platform becomes the single source of truth for your consumer data and, more importantly, the insights hidden within it. And we make it easier than ever to quickly understand your brand’s performance, in aggregate and at a location level, with our patented Reputation Score.

Understanding Your Brand’s Online Reputation

It’s crucial to understand your brand’s standing online. Reputation Score provides just that, surfacing a comprehensive view of the various factors that affect your brand, from ratings and reviews to how people engage with you on social media. This score is generated at multiple levels, from your overall brand all the way down to each of your locations, providing practical insights and valuable comparisons. It helps you understand your brand’s position, not just within your organization, but also compared to others in your industry.

Every aspect of the Reputation Score is designed with marketing leaders in mind. It’s a carefully calibrated metric that connects the dots between marketing’s performance metrics and the KPIs most crucial to marketing leaders, like revenue, lead conversion, and even foot traffic. The correlation between Reputation Score and these crucial metrics means that by focusing on improving your score, you’re directly impacting business performance. This direct, measurable relationship between Reputation Score and top-level goals makes Reputation Score a powerful guide for marketing leaders tasked with driving greater impact for their organizations.

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Untangle Complicated Customer Journeys

Holistically, Reputation Score acts as a trusted guide for business performance. It detangles complex data points from every touchpoint between your customers and your brand to surface trends, pinpoint problem areas, and help set a standard of excellence across your organization. Without needing a data scientist on your team, Reputation Score translates large amounts of data into simple, understandable insights, identifying where you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.

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Chart the Path to Better Performance

Reputation Score doesn’t just surface critical insights about your brand – it’s designed to drive meaningful change in your business. After ingesting data across multiple touchpoints and surfacing noteworthy trends in your consumer data, it then provides practical, prescriptive recommendations to increase your score and, therefore, your presence online. Moreover, it predicts the possible impact of these actions on your score, helping you focus your efforts strategically.

Why is this important? Because through countless analyses our customers have found that Reputation Score is tightly correlated to the metrics that marketing and CX leaders care about most, whether that be revenue, foot traffic, or online lead conversion. We consistently ensure Reputation Score is fine-tuned to mirror real business performance, meaning your team can confidently utilize Reputation Score to drive meaningful change that drives real business success.

Reputation Score is available to all Reputation customers at no additional cost. Check it out in the platform today, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Not a customer yet? Schedule a demo and one of our team members will be happy to show you how businesses like yours have turned consumer data into data-driven action to drive success.

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