Why Property Managers Need to Fix a Digital Disconnect

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The $88 billion property management industry is suffering from a serious digital disconnect. In the United States, renters occupy more than 43 million units. When they search for apartments to rent, they’re comfortable going online to do their homework, which includes reading reviews of apartments. 

But property management firms too often lack an effective digital presence, especially when it comes to publishing renters’ reviews. As a result, the laggards face a disadvantage at a time when half of American renters say they are moving in 2021

Property Managers Are Not Accumulating Reviews


We recently analyzed customer opinions of more than 80,0000 multifamily residential properties. We also partnered with research firm YouGov to survey nearly 1,000 U.S. adults living in apartments. 

This helped us to understand how they make their renting decisions. From there, we ranked the leading property management companies in our 2021 Property Management Report using our Reputation Score. As we compiled our data, here’s what we found:

84% of people read reviews before touring apartments.

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Why Property Managers Should Ask for Reviews


Getting feedback on reviews sites contributes to:

Best Practices for Property Managers to Manage their Online Reputation


To close the digital disconnect, property managers need to respond to online reviews, maintain their presence on Google and social media.  These factors can greatly influence Reputation Score. Following are some recommendations and best practices:

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Reputation helps property managers increase resident satisfaction and occupancy rates across all locations by managing their reputations online. 

Be sure to download a copy of our 2021 Property Management Report to learn how the leaders are strengthening their reputations. 

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