Can Your Online Doctor Reviews Increase Patient Acquisition?

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Your prospective patients are looking for providers online. That’s a fact. And healthcare organizations can no longer deny that online doctor reviews and ratings influence consumers’ decisions about where to seek care.

In our research, we’ve discovered as much as 82 percent of consumers have read online doctor reviews to evaluate providers, and 68 percent will choose one provider over another, based on what they see in those reviews.

Brand Perception Begins at the Local Level

Because of the reliance of healthcare consumers on the internet for information about their health and your services, the perception of your brand as a healthcare organization begins with the local reputation of your doctors and locations.

Today, online reputation dominates search engines, map apps and social media — ratings and reviews are prominently displayed on all three. Through these channels, consumers find your doctors, clinics and hospitals.

In this extremely competitive, increasingly digital marketplace, in which consumers are more informed about — and involved in — the decisions they make about their healthcare, you have a decision to make: Are you going to listen to what patients are saying about you online — and meet them where they are? Or, will you ignore it?

Kindred Healthcare’s Success Serves as a Model’s Healthcare Marketing Director, Lindsay Neese Burton and Kindred Healthcare’s Director of Online Reputation Management, Amanda Henson, recently held an informative webinar, in which they discussed the four most important ways to manage online reputation and help consumers find accurate, representative reviews of important third-party sites, such as Google, Facebook and Healthgrades.

The webinar included an in-depth look at Kindred Healthcare’s Online Reputation Management strategy, as well as details about how they successfully launched an ORM program that led to real results.

You can watch the webinar now, on-demand, to learn:

  • Why Healthcare providers should care about their reputation.

  • How providers can use online reviews to improve their reputation and drive patients to their locations.

  • How to launch an Online Reputation Management program.

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