Everything You Need to Know is in Your Data

Leading businesses apply AI and machine learning techniques to their vast amounts of customer data, to anticipate what customers expect and value — and to mitigate service issues before they go viral and impact reputation.
  • Expert Data Scientists

    ai machine learning

    Expert Data Scientists

    Our data science team comprises scientists, engineers and analysts from top-tier U.S. universities including Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Georgia Technology Institute.

  • Methodology

    ai machine learning


    We apply natural language processing, deep machine learning techniques and AI algorithms to millions of individual data points on a daily basis. Through stochastic modelling and statistical analysis, we analyse and report on findings, providing targeted recommendations based on your business model and needs.

  • Technology

    ai machine learning


    The Reputation.com platform collects data continuously from thousands of sources across the Internet. Data is normalised and analysed in real time as it comes into the platform. We report on our findings using easy-to-understand visual analysis and competitive benchmarking tools such as word clouds, tornado charts and thermometers.

ai-machine learning guide

The genesis of Reputation Score

Our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Brad Null, Ph.D, leveraged the stochastic modelling processes used in Major League Baseball and casinos to develop the algorithms used to calculate Reputation Score.

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