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5 Challenges Faced By Franchises & How They Can Overcome Them
Reputation highlights five common challenges that franchises face and offers actionable solutions to overcome them successfully.
Reputation Product Innovation Webinar: What's New in 2023
Check out a deep dive into our latest innovations as we start off 2023. Join Phil Rapisardo, Vice President - Solution Engineering, to learn how you can help your team drive acquisition and loyalty.
Reputation + Salesforce Use Case Overview
Check out this webinar to to learn how you can leverage first-party Reputation data in Salesforce CRM — from survey and review requests to ticketing.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Survey Results
How to Get the Most Out of Your Survey Results Creating and distributing a survey is the first step in gathering feedback from your customers. But what happens next once the responses have come in? Being prepared to take meaningful actions on your survey results is imperative in order to improve your customer experience (CX). […]
Reputation Action-IQ
Pivot to First-Party Data to Fuel Your CDP and Enhance CX
By: Timi Chu (Reputation), Marguerite Baker (Reputation), Florian Delval (ActionIQ), and Mackenzie Johnson (ActionIQ) Customer data platforms (CDPs) have become increasingly important to senior executives. These solutions help businesses understand their customers by collecting first-party data (i.e., data collected directly from their customer interactions) and delivering valuable insight into their preferences and purchasing behavior to ultimately, […]
4 Wege, wie Kunden-Umfragen die Bewertungsdaten verbessern
Bewertungen erzählen nur die halbe Geschichte. Wir erläutern, wie Sie mit Kunden-Umfragen einen vollständigen Blick auf Ihre CX erhalten.
Introducing Surveys by Reputation
Capture feedback faster and reduce customer friction, increase responses, and turn responses into online reviews with Surveys by Reputation.
4 Ways Customer Surveys Enhance Review Data
Reviews only tell half the story. We break down why you need customer survey data in order to see the full view of your customer experience.
Why You Need to Administer Employee Surveys
Your employees are feeling burnout — are you listening? We break down why surveys are the best way to put a spotlight on the voice of the employee.
Customer Experience Surveys Guide: How to Get Started
Customer experience surveys are the best way to gauge how consumers are feeling about your brand. In this guide, we'll break down how to get started.
12 Tips for Customer Experience Survey Design
Customer experience surveys should be a part of your business strategy. Here are 12 tips for designing surveys to gather valuable feedback.
SMS Surveys
Given that text message open rates are 4X higher than email, conducting surveys via SMS makes a lot of sense these days.

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