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Exterior of an ES & Ring Mediterranean Village Costa Mesa
E&S: Using Feedback for Integrated Customer Experiences
Feedback matters when it improves the entire customer experience. Learn how leading property management company E&S Ring worked with Reputation to create a resident feedback loop across all the company’s locations. This resulted in the company making a big improvement in its star ratings and Reputation Score!
Why you can’t afford to ignore online feedback in your Retail CX Programme
Retail CX Strategists, Tracey Pankhurst & Chris Sparling, explain why online customer feedback is crucial to retailers’ CX programmes.
The Customer Experience in the UK Retail Industry
Reputation's data scientists have analysed the customer experience trends of leading UK high street retail brands and ranked the top 10.
Westfield Shopping Centre: Retail CX Success Story
Challenge After a change in leadership in 2015, Westfield Group changed strategy to drive organic growth rather than growth via acquisition. The challenge was that each centre was defining its own customer experience and this led to short term profiteering. Therefore, the goal was to shift the company’s focus to build a culture of customer-centricity. […]
5 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Social Listening to Improve CX
Want to know how your brand's products resonate with your customers? Get straight to the source by setting up social listening monitors.
How to Support the LGBTQ+ Community on Your Google Business Profile
Over the years, Google has taken significant steps to uplift the LGBTQ+ community, such as giving businesses tools to show their own support on their Google Business Profiles. But many businesses are unaware of how they can use their listings to be more inclusive to LGBTQ+ customers. Following are a few tips that are easy […]
How Product Shortages Affect Retailers’ Reputations
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, no retailer is safe from a product shortage. We break down how to manage your brand's reputation in such a crisis.
How the Great Resignation Affects Retailers’ Reputations
Retail employees are quitting their jobs in record-shattering numbers. We break down how retailers should respond to maintain their reputations.
How Retailers Can Improve Their Online Reputations
Our 2021 Retail Reputation Report is live. We uncovered where retailers are excelling and where there's room for improvement. Check out our findings.
Why the Holiday Shopping Season Is More Than Black Friday
Black Friday is a vital part of the holiday shopping season, but it's not the only thing that matters. We examine how the retail holiday has evolved.
2021 Retail Reputation Report
Retail is roaring back from a time of turmoil. Businesses are innovating by making shopping safer, convenient, and more fun at the same time. As shoppers return to physical stores, what do they think of retailers? Our 2021 Retail Reputation Report provides answers. Download the Report to Find Out An exclusive ranking of retailers in […]
5 Customer Experience Tips for Retailers During The Holidays
The holiday shopping season is a critical time for retailers. We break down how retailers can manage their customer experience during this time.

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