How Duncan and Todd Elevated Customer Service and Maximised ROI

4.7 /5

star rating for the group, up from 4.5 in 2022.

+ 79 %

increase in review volume as a result of utilising Review Booster.

94 %

of feedback is positive signifying a 4% increase.

93 %

response rate to inbound reviews (up from 80% in 2022).

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In 2023, Duncan and Todd Group embraced Reputation’s ‘RXM Basic Bundle’ to enhance their management of online feedback and strengthen their digital presence. Their aim was to effectively manage their online reputation and utilise this to drive more customer engagement.

By focusing on key areas like reviews and online listings, Duncan and Todd tailored the Reputation platform to their specific needs, ensuring efficiency and relevance. This strategic decision led to notable improvements across various metrics. Their response to customer feedback became more robust and timely, and the volume of positive reviews saw a significant uptick.

Moreover, Duncan and Todd’s online visibility experienced a marked increase, with more engagement on their listings and an overall boost in their digital footprint. Their Reputation Score also witnessed a substantial rise, reflecting the success of their focused online reputation management strategy. This partnership underscores the power of a targeted approach in enhancing customer interaction and business performance.

How Duncan and Todd Elevated Customer Service and Maximised ROI

Duncan and Todd Group, facing the challenge of managing multiple feedback sources and enhancing their online presence, partnered with Reputation in 2023 to achieve these key objectives:

  1. Centralised Feedback Management: Duncan and Todd sought to consolidate various feedback channels, including Google, Trustpilot, and Glassdoor, into a single, manageable platform.
  2. Increased Customer Engagement: Essential to their business was the ability to leverage feedback to drive more patients to their branches, necessitating a solution that could effectively manage and enhance their online reputation.
  3. Scalability: With an eye on future growth, Duncan and Todd required a solution that could adapt and grow with their evolving business needs.
  4. Focused Online Presence: The group aimed to improve their online listings and utilize innovative strategies to maximise their digital footprint and patient acquisition.

Through their partnership with Reputation, Duncan and Todd successfully addressed these challenges, leading to a more robust and efficient management of their online reputation. This collaboration has resulted in a significant increase in patient engagement and a stronger, more unified online presence.

The Duncan and Todd-Reputation partnership has solidified Duncan and Todd’s position as a leader in their industry, showcasing the impact of targeted online reputation management in driving business growth and customer engagement.

With Reputation, Duncan and Todd has achieved a 79% increase in review volume.


Since partnering with Reputation in 2023, Duncan and Todd Group has achieved remarkable results in managing their online reputation and customer feedback:

  • Duncan and Todd experienced a significant increase in review volume, generating 212 reviews in just June and July of 2023 alone, utilising Reputation’s Review Booster technology.
  • The group’s response rate to reviews improved from 80% in 2022 to 93% in 2023, even with a 79% increase in the volume of reviews.
  • Positive feedback increased by 4%, reaching 94% of all inbound feedback.


Through the effective use of Reputation’s Listings module, Duncan and Todd saw a substantial rise in their online visibility, with increased listing views and key metrics within 4 months of implementation.

  • Listing views increased by more than +800%.
  • +1,300% increase in Listing ‘Clicks-to-Website’

Duncan and Todd increased their Reputation Score – a signifier of overall brand health – from 193 points to 533.

Reputation Score

Duncan and Todd Group, in their pursuit of excellence in CX and reputation management, have achieved outstanding performance in their Reputation Score metrics. The group’s proactive approach to managing online reviews and listings led to a significant increase in their Reputation Score, which rose by 193 points to 588. The substantial rise in their Reputation Score places Duncan and Todd well above the industry average, indicating their strong commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement.

Duncan and Todd’s focused efforts in leveraging Reputation’s platform have clearly paid off, demonstrating the power of a well-managed online presence in enhancing overall business performance and customer perception.

We were impressed with the results from Reputation immediately, we were surprised at how our reviews increased overnight! The Reputation model is very flexible which allowed us to select the appropriate solutions to our business needs which increases the ROI.

The onboarding process was first-class and the ongoing support has remained exceptional ever since.  In addition to the evident improvements in our business KPIs, we’ve noticed a significant enhancement in our teams’ customer service focus, resulting in higher scores.”


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