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How does Reputation help Lookers to deliver a great customer experience?

4.7 /5

star rating, up from 4.1/5 in 2019.

+ 183 %

Increase in online review volume.

98 %

review response rate, up from 56% in 2019 and 28% in 2018.

59.4 m

business listing views in 2022.

Focus on customer feedback

Operating vehicle dealerships across the UK and Ireland while representing over 35 manufacturer brands, Lookers partnered with Reputation to improve its online reputation, gain greater insight from customer feedback, and implement a robust ‘close the loop’ process.

As a result, Lookers achieved an outstanding 98% online review response rate (up from 56% in 2019 and 34% in 2018) and completed over 75,000 Voice of Customer surveys in 2022, demonstrating their commitment to understanding customer needs.

Lookers has expanded its insights by adding two new Voice of Customer listening points for 2023 and received over 60,000 customer comments. Leveraging this feedback, they developed a comprehensive CX roadmap to guide their short, medium, and long-term priorities.

How Reputation helps Lookers to put customer feedback to work

Recognising a need to leverage customer feedback more effectively, Lookers partnered with Reputation to:

  • Improve its online reputation
  • Increase the number of listening points across the customer journey
  • Ensure Voice of Customer surveys are customer-centric and less process focused
  • Embed a robust ‘close the loop’ process across the Lookers brand
  • Gain greater insight from inbound customer feedback
  • Use Voice of Customer feedback to identify and recognise front-line staff

Since partnering with Reputation, the group has achieved a 98% Response Rate to all customer reviews, up from 56% in 2019 and 34% in 2018.


Thanks to the review and survey management features of Reputation’s SaaS platform, Lookers has significantly increased its review volumes and response rates. As a result, Lookers has raised its Google rating positively across the dealer network.

Through their partnership with Reputation, Lookers has seen:

  • 183% increase in online review volume
  • 98% online review response rate, improving from 56% in 2019, and 34% in 2018

Voice of the Customer (VoC) & CX Roadmap

Thanks to the Reputation platform, Lookers has seen the completion of over 75,000 VoC surveys in 2022 and acquired over 60,000 customer comments for analysis.

In addition, Lookers have utilised the Reputation platform to establish two new VoC listening points for 2023 and developed a CX roadmap to define focus areas for the short, medium and long term.

Business Listings

Lookers’ leadership recognised the importance of accurate business listings for dealership locations. Thus, the brand adopted Reputation’s Business Listings capability to grow the online presence of dealerships across the estate.

As a result of using Reputation’s Business Listings module, Lookers achieved:

Reputation Score

To monitor, understand and analyse the perception of the brand, Reputation supported Lookers with its unique technology: the Reputation Score, a solution that compares the scores to other players in the sector as well as the industry average.

By carefully managing customer feedback and its online reputation through the Reputation platform, Lookers achieved a Reputation Score of 735 in 2022, placing it far above the industry average. What’s more, is that Lookers’ improved score raised their ranking in Reputation’s annual Automotive Reputation from 11th in 2021 to 4th in 2022.

I recently read an article which reminded me how precious time is, it said ‘everyone has the same amount of time (1,440 minutes in a single day) and there is nothing we can do to get more.’ Translated into our CX strategy, we value our customers time and want to make it easier and more enjoyable for them to interact with us. We need their feedback so we know what we are doing well and how we can improve. One way we are doing this is through our partnership with Reputation, which enables us to listen to our customer across their whole journey with us.

This has provided us with 75k VoC survey responses and over 60k customer comments so far. The insights these provide are invaluable in helping us to improve our understanding and in turn the experience our customers receive. We are making great strides, but we want to keep evolving to be the best we can be.”


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