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By: Timi Chu, Director of Product Management at Reputation, Alyse Finlayson, User Experience Designer of the Social Suite at Reputation, and  Katie Wei, Senior Manager of Social Media Operations at Reputation

Social media has become an essential part of every business. Your social media pages serve as an extension of your website and your brand. The content you post on those channels can make or break your online reputation. With ever-changing social trends, businesses must understand their target audiences and how to effectively reach them on each social channel to optimize their strategy for publishing on social media platforms. 

Identify Which Social Network is Best for Your Business

Before publishing on social media, your team members need to understand the primary demographics for each social network to reach your target audience where they spend time browsing. Furthermore, utilize the appropriate media for each of your social media accounts. The right social media content will ensure that your brand’s content reaches the right people at the right time.

In this article, we’ll break down how to create effective content for each of the following platforms:


Facebook statistic on usage

Facebook Demographics

How to Produce Great Facebook Content

A quality Facebook post starts with a high-resolution image or video. The media should be relevant to the brand and relatable to the audience. This helps drive social engagement, along with helping with marketing efforts and promoting brand awareness.

Include a clear call-to-action in the post copy to help drive engagement. Direct the user to visit a link to helpful resources, contact you at an email address or phone number, or send you a direct message with a question.

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Statistic about Instagram shopping

Instagram Demographics

How to Produce Great Instagram Content

Instagram is a highly visual social network. A top-notch Instagram post features a high quality image or video to educate and excite your audience about your business. Keep in mind that video posts receive 49% more engagement than photo posts. A simple caption with a call-to-action pairs well with the visuals and further promotes engagement. 

Include relevant hashtags, mentions, and locations to help your business to reach new audiences. You can do this by tagging a picture of a customer using your product, or mentioning another business you’d like to create a relationship with to reach their audience. Retail brand should keep this in mind, as 70% of shoppers scroll through Instagram before making their next purchasing decision.


Twitter user statistic

Twitter Demographics

How to Produce Great Twitter Content

The majority of Twitter users access the social network from their mobile devices, so keep your tweets concise and use 1-2 hashtags per tweet. For visuals, avoid using images that are text-heavy. Make sure you show and don’t tell. Keep in mind that tweets with video receive 10x more engagement than those without, so be sure to include plenty of video-driven content in your regular rotation. But make sure to keep videos under 15 seconds for optimal engagement.

Engage with your audience to build an authentic following. Listen to your customers’ comments and questions, and let your voice be heard. This will show your customers that your brand prioritizes the customer experience above all.

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LinkedIn user stat

LinkedIn Demographics

How to Create Great LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is primarily used for business networking and career development. Keep your content professional, and ensure that assets have a straight-laced creative direction. Showcase employees that work at your company, upcoming opportunities, and achievements that make your company a great place to work. Avoid memes in posts and using visuals that may be controversial.

Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profile User Stats

Google Demographics

Google Content

Google Business Profiles allow for a variety of different posts that highlight what is going on at your location. Take advantage of these diverse post types that can bring customers to your door.

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