Joins Forces with J.D. Power to Enable Unprecedented CX Insights

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J.D. Power study rankings and awards have long been a part of the automotive-buying process. For more than 50 years, consumers have looked to J.D. Power as an independent source for measuring customer satisfaction. A global leader in consumer insights and data & analytics, J.D. Power helps businesses optimize the customer experience in a range of consumer-focused industries beyond automotive, including financial services, travel, utilities, insurance and telecommunications.

J.D. Power recently announced an alliance with, combining its deep research and analytics expertise with’s machine learning and natural language processing, to analyze the cloud of unstructured text that exists across the social web. The resulting unified customer experience data solution will be a boon for B2C enterprises seeking to gain a competitive edge.

“Top companies want to differentiate themselves on customer experience, and that means taking a holistic look at all forms of customer feedback,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Officer at J.D. Power in the press release covering the alliance.

The new platform will help companies generate customer experience insights previously inaccessible, which they can use to improve operations, raise Reputation Score and deliver exceptional customer service that sets them apart from competitors.

The new solution benefits consumers, as well. Combining J.D. Power ratings with Reputation Score will offer a more precise prediction of brand success than ever before, and consumers can feel even more confident that when they choose a product with high J.D. Power ratings, they’ve made the best-possible decision.

Learn more about J.D. Power’s market-leading services here and read more about’s ability to glean insights from customer experience data here.

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