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Facebook News: Ratings and Recommendations on Businesses’ Pages




Last week, Facebook announced they will now leverage recommendations instead of star ratings to help guide the community on a business’ Facebook page. This change will have a major impact on our customers and what they see both on Facebook and in our UI.

What does this mean for our customers?

Facebook will now display a mix of star ratings (previously collected reviews) and recommendations on your business page when a user clicks on Reviews.

When will Reputation.com get support for Recommendations?

Facebook is in the process of making their Recommendations API publicly available to its Marketing Partners. Once available, we will immediately add support for Recommendations in our platform.

How will the Reputation.com Reviews UI change with this?

Reputation.com will also support a mix of Reviews and Recommendations in our Reviews UI. This will ensure that the experience within our application mirrors the experience on Facebook.

How will this change impact the Reputation Score?

Reputation.com doesn’t foresee any changes to the Reputation Score in this quarter because a majority of reviews are still leveraging star ratings. However, we will continue to monitor recommendations and make changes to the Reputation score if needed.

How will this change impact the Reputation Score?

We don’t foresee any noticeable impact because a majority of reviews are still leveraging star ratings and we expect recommendations to be in line with average customer sentiment.

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