How to Integrate CX Technology into Your MarTech Stack

Brynne Ramella

Your marketing team likely has a strong technology stack on hand to help carry out day-to-day tasks and various campaigns. But if that software can’t measure the customer experience (CX), your team lacks the full picture, and your marketing may suffer a disconnect from CX. However, bringing CX technology into the fold will elevate your marketing efforts and make your customers’ experiences an authentic reflection of your brand.  

How is CX Connected to Marketing

Conducting a successful business requires having a conversation with your customers. Marketing is all about talking to your customer base, and CX is focused on listening to them. A conversation can’t be one-sided. You won’t achieve any of your goals if you’re only talking or listening. That’s one reason why CX and marketing are intertwined. 

Even if you don’t realize it, your CX and marketing groups are likely already working toward similar goals. Both teams are constantly collecting customer data. The sources and type of data may differ, but together they help to paint a fuller picture of the consumer journey and various customer personas. 

That data paints a clear picture of a customer’s interaction with your brand. Those interactions will be the deciding factor in a consumer deciding to do repeat business with your company and subsequently spreading the word to friends and family. Word-of-mouth is often considered the best marketing for any business — but that won’t happen without positive customer experiences. 

These factors all underscore why your business will operate better if all of your data points are considered one cohesive set. This is where your marketing technology (MarTech) stack comes into play.

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How to Integrate CX Tools Into Your MarTech Stack

The best way to take advantage of this connection is for marketing teams to integrate CX tools into the existing MarTech stack. Here are some examples of useful CX tools to leverage for marketing initiatives:

Injecting CX strategies into your MarTech stack has the potential to take your team’s initiatives to the next level. Dipping your toes in the world of CX for the first time might be a little intimidating, but Reputation is here to help. Our CX solutions experts can provide a consultation on how your business can drive revenue from customer-centric feedback. We offer a variety of products and solutions that can help give your customers a top-notch experience.

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