How to Get Started with Social Listening

Brynne Ramella

Social listening is a deliberate process of measuring, analyzing, and understanding customer sentiment outside of regular surveys and conversations. This kind of feedback data is unsolicited and can heavily influence potential customers, dissuade them from your brand, or even have the potential to go wild.

Most importantly, you can turn those online conversations into actionable data that drives business strategies and improves your customer’s experience and bottom line. Needless to say, social media listening is an undeniably valuable tool to your business — here’s how you can get started. 

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    • Brand experience — Learn how you are perceived by customers and prospects, along with what words they use to describe your brand.
    • Customer experience — Figure out what customers enjoy about your product or services, along with where you have room for improvement.
    • Crisis management — Learn how to use your tool to get ahead of a potential brand crisis. Social listening can help improve response and recovery also by routing to the appropriate team to handle.
    • Competitive analysis — Monitor your competition in order to identify challenges and opportunities for growth against your competition.
    • Content strategy — Watch for trending topics amongst your customers that can be utilized for future content pieces. 
    • Influencer marketing — Utilize your social listening tool to connect with accounts that have an impressive following. Subsequently, build a partnership with them in order to expand your customer base.

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