The Power of Unstructured Feedback

To find out how marketing and CX professionals are leveraging the power of customer feedback and data, Reputation commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct research that looks at how marketing and consumer experience (CX) decision-makers view unstructured feedback in relation to the customer journey. 


84% of Marketing and CX professionals see the value in unstructured feedback and data, but only 30 percent of data collected today is unstructured.


Nearly two-thirds of decision-makers see unstructured feedback as the key to richer insights. 


40% of professionals note that the insights they have today from customer feedback are not meaningful and relevant. 

Why You Should Read This Study

Consumer feedback — both positive and negative — is a critical component of the customer experience. In an increasingly digital world, businesses must bring together all solicited and unsolicited customer comments across a multitude of sites.

However, many organizations are at a loss for how to transform that data into actionable insights, when in fact, it can be extremely helpful in understanding operational insights, consumer satisfaction, business continuity, and revenue goals.

This study dives into how organizations are gathering and utilizing both unstructured and structured data to create a real voice-of-the-customer perspective for their CX and business strategy.

Dive Deeper

Structured Feedback:
Structured customer feedback consists of customer input that a company requests through a tool such as a survey that is designed to collect and quantify data.


Unstructured Feedback:
Unstructured customer feedback consists of ad-hoc customer comments including informal social media posts that are not organized by a brand in a predefined manner. This feedback is typically qualitative in nature and is a valuable source of real-time insight. It is becoming increasingly common as consumers interact with brands across multiple touchpoints from chat to social media.


Only 32% of decision-makers currently use a unified data analytics tool or aggregate disparate data sources


70% of decision-makers believe unstructured data is important in meeting CX goals


Reputation commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that looks at how marketing and consumer experience (CX) decision-makers view unstructured feedback in relation to the customer journey. The study surveyed over 150 digital marketing or customer experience decision-makers in the US.

As the digital world transforms businesses, and both unstructured and structured feedback continues to grow, it’s more critical than ever to bring together data into one platform and use AI technology and machine learning to drive insights and business recommendations.

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