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Millennials Rule

millennial 001 - Millennials Rule

Source: The Complete Guide to ORM
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Guess who checks their mobile devices more than 150 times a day , and is the fastest-growing group of consumers, accounting for $170 billion in purchases each year?

Millennials — the 91 million people born between 1982 and 2003. They are also the most active participants in the consumer feedback game, more likely than any other group to share their experiences on Google, social media and review sites. Fifty-nine percent make product recommendations to share highly positive or negative experiences, and 41 percent pass those recommendations to friends and family through social networking.

A whopping 83% of Millenials say they don’t trust advertising.

Millennials don’t trust advertising and they aren’t impressed by celebrity endorsements. Instead, they rely on referrals from friends and online reviews as their primary sources of information about products and services.

Reviews and star ratings are critical to your business today, and increasing in relevance as purchasing power shifts to digital natives.

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