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Denny’s, America’s diner – is going after Gamers

dennys247 001 - Denny's, America's diner – is going after Gamers

Source: Denny’s
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Be where your customers are.

Denny’s is your new gamer friend — with discounts
As people are stuck at home and likely playing more video games than usual, Denny’s is getting itself into the culture. Denny’s is now moonlighting as a gamer on PS4 and Xbox One, where it plays as Dennys247.  It’s also on Nintendo Switch, where it hit the limit on its number of friends on the platform in less than a day. 

Denny’s didn’t forget the discounts either…

The diner brand is giving codes and discounts to the people it connects within the gaming.

This campaign has an added benefit…

And [Denny’s is] seeing some fan engagement with gaming-related posts on Twitter and Instagram.


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