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David Mingle
State Of The Industry: The Macro-Shift In Consumer Feedback
Dave Mingle, Vice President of Product at Reputation, the leading reputation management platform for the automotive industry, discusses how extracting insights from holistic data can drive strategy and lead to success.
Consumer Feedback Has Changed And Why it Matters
How Consumer Feedback Has Changed – And Why It Matters
In this webinar, the former Global Director of Customer Experience Strategy at General Motors shares straightforward methodologies to help dealers extract actionable insights from feedback data to make informed decisions and win business.
Elevate Your Business: Tap into Consumer Sentiment for Growth
How to get the full picture of consumer sentiment by leveraging public and private feedback.
5 Key Pillars of Effective Online Reputation Management
Unlock the value of customer feedback and enhance your customer journey with the five key pillars of effective online reputation management.
Six Senior Care Trends to Watch
Senior Care Trends to Watch
Download our guide to understand the key trends shaping the senior care industry. Uncover Google's prominence, the impact of front-line staff, and the importance of online reviews and ratings.
How to Integrate Data Efficiently into the Enterprise Software Suite
Learn how Reputation's RepConnect self-service app solutions makes it easy for clients to tap into integrations to automate and improve workflows.
Seven Benefits of Integrations & RepConnect
Check out some of the advantages and benefits integrations can provide to businesses wanting to become more efficient and agile in their daily operations.
The Missing Link in Your Customer Data Management Strategy
Learn more about why sentiment data is important and how it can augment customer data.
senior care - nurse with elderly gentleman with zimmerframe
How Online Reviews Can Boost The Resident Experience - special podcast with Care Home Management
Join Reputation’s Nathan Griffiths, Strategic Account Executive and Richard Davey, Customer Success Director, for this deep dive podcast into improving the resident experience with Care Home Management.
CDP Gaps
Why CRM Software Needs Sentiment Data
Learn how Reputation’s integration provides HubSpot users easy access to business location sentiment data to improve customer retention, drive new revenue and improve operations efficiency.
Why you can’t afford to ignore online feedback in your Retail CX Programme
Retail CX Strategists, Tracey Pankhurst & Chris Sparling, explain why online customer feedback is crucial to retailers’ CX programmes.
To Improve Patient Experience, Pay Attention to “Feedback Anywhere”
Patient feedback is key to understanding every friction point to be improved across the patient experience. Learn how the best way to understand the entire journey is to bring all feedback into a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform.

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