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Who has the power to build the online perception of your brand?

ugc reputation woman - Who has the power to build the online perception of your brand?

Source: The Complete Guide to ORM
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The balance of power has shifted.

Today, the power rests with consumers, who are co-creating brands online via star ratings and reviews on search engines, social media and review sites.

That balance of power shifted with the rise of Google, Facebook, Twitter and review sites that favor the voice of customers over the call of brand marketers. Corporate websites no longer dominate the conversation, and a company’s marketing team and sales reps aren’t the only ones doing the talking.

The most potent — and complex — new player in the brand marketing game, is user-generated content (UGC). With millions of people writing billions of comments, reviews and opinions on thousands of social media and review sites across the globe, UGC is the wild child of the brand marketing scene.

With little to no control over what people post, businesses of all types and sizes have been forced to come up with new strategies and tools to tame the fast-growing child — or ignore at their peril.

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